Hyde St Forum - Union Hall

4th March 2013, 12pm

Student only? Tickets? Invites? Glass ban?

The OUSA is hosting a forum to explain the background of how and why we get involved to help the tenants of Hyde Street to run their keg party.

Monday 4th March, 12pm, Union Hall.

Preliminary agenda:
- Francisco Hernandez will give background and liquor ban
- Zac Gawn will talk about ideas that we've taken to tenants and what they want to get out of the day and which ideas they like.
- OUSA Staff will talk health and safety.
- There will also be other people such as Police and University speaking at this stage it's unconfirmed.

This is so students who feel strongly about the event can hear the points of view that have been collected from our initial meetings with stakeholders and tenants this year as well as what we learned from last year.

OUSA wants to make it happen some come along and give us your ideas and have a listen to what actually goes into an event of this size in such a unique place.

Get the latest info, listen to Francisco talk to Radio One 91fm Breakfast host Ines about some ideas and background HERE

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