The OUSA Event's department runs two International Food Festivals every year during the weeks of Orientation in February and ReOrientation in July. The Dunedin International Food Festival is always a great chance to mingle with the wider Dunedin public enjoying a veritable melting pot of cuisines cooked up by a select few local food vendors and the talented cultural clubs on campus!

The next International Food Festival is running between 5.30-8.30pm on Saturday, 15 July 2017 in the Union Courtyard as part of ReOrientation.


ReOrientation Food Festival Menu

Otago University Thailand Students Association (OUTHSA)
Sea food noodle salad
Spicy grilled beef salad with sticky rice
lemongrass tea
steamed buttered corn

Otago Singapore Club (OSC)
Chicken Rice: One of Singapore’s most iconic dishes. Poached chicken served on a bed of fragrant chicken rice and a side of garlic chilli (upon request)
Bak Kwa: Sheets of salty-sweet pork jerky grilled to perfection.
Bandung: A delightfully sweet, refreshing drink made with rose syrup and evaporated milk.

Otago Malaysian Students Association (OMSA)
• Beef Rendang and Blue Rice: Spicy meat dish cooked with aromatic spices and rich coconut milk, served with traditional blue-coloured rice.
• Bubur ChaCha: Sweet and hot dessert soup served with chunks of sweet potatoes, taro, pumpkin and sago pearls.
Sirap Lychee: Refreshing drink flavoured with rose syrup and lychees.

Otago University Fiji Club
• BBQ lamb chops and sausage with cassava and vegetable salad
• Dhal (lentils) with rice and tomato chutney
• Payasam (sweet drink)

Brunei Students Association (BSA)
• Ayam masak kicap + nasi minyak
• Teh tarik
• Pisang babujah

Otago University Taiwan Students Association
• Taiwanese popcorn chicken
• Green onion pancake
• Purl milk tea (original/taro)

Otago University Filipino Club
• Two pork BBQ + rice
• Chicken noodle soup

Otago University Chinese Students Association
• Fried dumplings
• Spring rolls
• Egg tarts

Sri Lankan Students Association
• Kothu Roti with Chicken Curry
• Kothu Roti with Potato Curry
• Kothu Roti with Chicken and Potato Curry
• Biscuit Pudding

Muslim University Students Association
• Meatball curry and rice
• Baklava

Indonesian Community Association
• Chicken Skewers
• Mi goreng
• Wedang jahe

Indian Students Association
• Non - veg option
• Vegetarian option
• Mango Lassi

Otago University Omani Students Association
• Lamb wrap
• Chicken wrap

Otago Korean Students Association
• Fried Dumpling
• Rice Cake Skewer


Photos of the 2017 Ori Food Festival: