The OUSA Event's department runs two International Food Festivals every year during the weeks of Orientation in February and ReOrientation in July. The Dunedin International Food Festival is always a great chance to mingle with the wider Dunedin public enjoying a veritable melting pot of cuisines cooked up by a select few local food vendors and the talented cultural clubs on campus!

The next International Food Festival is running between 5.30-8.30pm on Saturday, 16 July 2016 in the Union Courtyard as part of ReOrientation.


ReOrientation Food Festival Menu

African Students Association (ASA)
Vetkoek: a donut like bread served with jam and cream 

Brunei Students Association (BSA)
Pisang Babujah: Banana chocolate fritters • Roti John: Buns grilled with minced chicken and eggs, topped with mayonnaise and chili sauce • TehTarik:  Hot Milk Tea

Indonesia Community Association (ICA)
Chicken Satay • Fried Noodles • Siomay: An Indonesian steamed fish dumpling with vegetables

Indian Students Association (ISA)
Chicken CurryCooked Basmati Rice • Pav Bhaji: mashed potatoes with pea based curry • Kher: cold milk based dessert • Mango LassiDinner buns 

Otago Filipino Students Association (OFSA)
Pork BBQ: Pork marinated in soy sauce, garlic, pepper, and other seasonings • Lugaw (Congee) • Fishball Sikwati (Hot chocolate)

Otago Korean Students Association (OKSA)
Vegetarian Fried DumplingsRice Skewers 

Otago Malaysian Students Association (OMSA)
Curry Laksa: Chicken broth with coconut milk, spices, served with chicken shreds and vegetables • TehTarik: Malaysian style milk tea • Roti Jala: Indian style pancake served with curry • Vegetable curry • Tang yuan: Chinese style rice flour dumplings with peanut fillings, served in sweet ginger syrup • Tapioca Kuih: Sweet Malaysian style dessert made with tapioca flour flavoured with coconut syrup

Otago Singapore Club (OSC)
Chicken Rice 

Otago University Chinese Students Association (OUCSA)
Fried Rice • Fried Dumplings: Meat or Vegetarian • Spring rolls (Vegetarian)

Otago University Hong Kong Students Association (OUHKSA)
BBQ Pork • Egg Tarts • Honey Fried Twists • Soy Milk 

Otago University Thailand Students Association (OUTHSA)
Deep fried spring rolls • Chicken Satay • Stir fried rice/chicken • Red Thai Curry with rice • Hot Green Tea • Pandan with bread 

Otago University Taiwanese Students Association (OUTSA)
• Bubble milk tea • Dumplings • Onion crepe 

Sri Lankan Students Association (SLSA) 
Kottu roti: Vegetables and roti barbecued on site • Chicken Curry and Potato Curry • Caramel Pudding


Photos of the 2016 Ori Food Festival: