Otago Ori 2016 | February 22 - 27

Ori at Otago is an unforgettable, unmissable experience - right now we're working our butts off behind the scenes to make 2016 unbelievably good. Watch this space for the ticket release and line up announcements!

All events are R-17!

If you're starting Tertiary study this year here in Dunedin but you're still 17, don't fret! You're still sweet to come to Ori, you just won't be able to drink alcohol at the events.


We all know Ori is an epic and exciting time of year. OUSA want all Otago students to have an epic time and we’ll be making sure that we have all the people and systems in place to ensure it’s as safe and as we can make it. But it also comes down to you - how you act determines the type of time you’re going to have. If you are thirsty to turn up, make sure you've played it cool and taken it easy with the drinks. Our events have zero tolerance for dicks - both the drunken and obnoxious varieties.

Please respect the decisions our staff make - if they see you’re on the way to a bad time then they will have a yarn with you and hook you up with some water or maybe a quick sit down. Remember, these people are here to help and want everyone to have a good time, plus a lot of them are volunteers who you might even see walking around the Uni the next day!

We have a range of groups and individuals who are here to help you out and keep you safe. You'll find plenty of free water and support to help you get home after our events, so pay some respect to the volunteers who go hard all week to keep you safe and happy.


You can volunteer to help out at Ori events - sign up now to hear about volunteering opportunities!