Super Pass + Ticketing Info

Can you buy all Orientation tickets online?
Yes, the easiest way is via our Ticketing page. You can also purchase tickets at the OUSA Main Office on campus.

I am still 17 years old over the Orientation period, can I still go to all the events?
Yes you can! You just won’t be able to go to the separate bar area inside the stadium, where you will need age ID to gain access.

When can I collect my Super Pass wristband?
Super Passes are available for collection from the OUSA Main Office on campus from Wednesday 15th February. Please note you will have to wear the Super Pass wristband from the moment of collection until the last event on Thursday 24th February.

Please note you CANNOT use your Super Pass ticket to gain entry into the stadium events, you must swap your ticket for a wristband at the OUSA Main Office prior to the event.

Where do I collect my Super Pass wristband from? What are their opening hours?
You can collect your Super Pass wristband from the OUSA Main Office (640 Cumberland St – Next to the Union Food Court and under the brick archway)

We are open seven days 9am – 5pm over the Orientation period (18 - 24 February).

What do I need to bring with me when collecting my Super Pass wristband?
You will need your:
- Super Pass ticket (this can be shown on your phone or printed), we will check against your name online
- Student ID
- Age ID
If you choose to buy individual tickets, you will just need an Age ID. Please note if you purchase a Toga Party ticket you will also need to provide Student ID.

Do I need to wear the Super Pass wristbands to the rugby or cricket?
No. You will be given a seperate tickets for these events. This will come in form of a Zooper Pass card for the rugby and an event ticket for the cricket. You will only need to wear the Super Pass wristband for the Toga Party, Six60 and the Down the Rabbit Hole events.

Are the Ori After Sessions included in the Super Pass?
No, but they can be purchased separately. Please note these nights are hosted at the Union Hall on campus, not the Forsyth Barr Stadium.

What if I lose my Super Pass wristband/Zooper Pass/Cricket ticket?
It is your responsibility to look after your Super Pass wristband, Zooper Pass card and Cricket ticket.

These are non-replaceable and non-refundable. If you have broken your Super Pass wristband or it has become too tight, you are able to replace it at the Main Office for a new one. Lost wristbands and tickets will not be replaced.

What does +BF mean?
BF stands for booking fee. This is a surcharge on ticket purchases. It doesn’t mean you can bring your Best Friend/Boyfriend along for free!

Mum and Dad shouted my tickets! Does it matter that their names are on them and not mine?
Lucky you! No worries, just make sure that you bring your valid tertiary I.D with you when you collect your wristband, or to the gate if you have an individual event ticket.

Which delivery method should I choose on Ticketmaster?
Always select ‘Print-at-home’! All we need is a barcode to scan, so by printing your tickets or even just bringing the ticket up on your phone we can sort you out. Try not to take screen caps of the barcode and just download the PDF on your phone – the barcode scanner doesn’t like photos!

I accidently chose “Pick up at venue” on Ticketmaster – what do I do?
If this is for an individual event then you need to go to Gate J on the night – try to get there early to avoid queues! However if you chose this for your Super Pass you will need to head down to the stadium and visit the ticket office at Gate J to get your Super Pass ticket. They are open 8:30am – 5pm week days. You can’t pick up your wrist band until you go get your ticket from the stadium! Make sure you take your Student I.D, age I.D and the credit card details of the card that was used to buy your Super Pass.

Why do I need a wristband if I have a Super Pass ticket?
Your Super Pass ticket doesn’t get you in to any of the events! It is your proof of purchase that you must swap for your Super Pass package (your wristband, Zooper Pass and Cricket Ticket). Head in to the OUSA main office from Wednesday the 15th of February to get your Super Pass goodies.

Event Info

Is the Convocation Ceremony compulsory? What is the duration?
Yes, all first year students are expected to attend as this is a formal welcome for all new students hosted by the Dunedin City Mayor and the Vice Chancellor. The event goes for approximately one hour.

What gate do I enter for the stadium events?
All music nights are through gate C.

The Convocation Ceremony gates are split into the following:
Gate A
Aquinas, Arana, Carrington, City Col, Cumberland, Hayward, Knox
Gate C
Locals Programme, Uniflats, Salmond, Selwyn, St Margaret’s, Studholme, Te Rangi Hiroa, Toroa, Unicol

Is there a liquor ban in the student area?
Yes, the Dunedin City Council have placed a temporary liquor ban across Logan Park area and the roads surrounding the stadium on the 21st – 23rd Feb 2017 6pm – midnight and will be enforced by Police. More information is in the Ori Magazine as well as on signage around the banned areas.

What are the safety teams wearing so I know how to find them?
R U OK?: These guys look after you if you need something or are a little upset, lost or had a bit too much to drink. Treat them as your mates, grab a hot drink or biscuit and have a yarn to them. They will be wearing orange t-shirts with R U OK? branding

Red Frogs: Thesse guys are awesome, they will have a free water stall and be handing out free donuts and lollies! They will have branded Red Frog high vis tops on.

Is there coat check if I want to leave my stuff in a safe area?
Yes, for just $1 you can leave your jacket, bag or anything you don’t want to carry around. Find us on your way into the event.

What do I do if I lose something at an event?
Check in with the coat check people if you are at the stadium, otherwise all lost property is brought back to the OUSA Main Office the morning after and will be safely stored for up to one month. Come in and ask at reception.

Are the Orientation events for the public too?
Yes, everything except the Convocation Ceremony and the Toga Party are open to public.

Can I buy International Food Festival tokens before event day?
Yes, you can! Just pop into the OUSA Main Office to purchase these at $2 each. We recommend about $8-12 for a great feed.

Can I refund my International Food Festival tokens?
Yes, we allow these to be refunded at the event or for up to a week after from the OUSA Main Office. You can also save them for the Re-Orientation’s mid-year International Food Festival if you like.

How can I volunteer for Orientation?
If you want to volunteer for the Events team that have a range of different shifts available, go to our Volunteering page or email our pal Fraser for all the info –

If you want to volunteer for R U OK? who roam in pairs making sure all students are having a good time or getting them to a safe place if they’re not, please email Ella –

Can only Otago Uni students come to Ori events?
Great news! If you have valid tertiary I.D, whether from Otago Polytech or further up north you are more than welcome to partake in the festivities, this includes the Super Pass.