Event Safety

We all know Ori is an epic and exciting time of year. OUSA want all Otago students to have an epic time and we’ll be making sure that we have all the people and systems in place to ensure it’s as safe as we can make it. But it also comes down to you; how you act determines the type of time you’re going to have. How can we describe the idea best? We find the words of one past OUSA President to be the best advice we’ve heard in a long time; Have an epic time, but don’t be a dick. Have a mean time, not a mean time. Well said sir, well said. We will have a zero tolerance system in place at all orientation events this year, so if you turn up intoxicated then you will be refused entry.

Please respect the staff’s decisions; if they see you’re on the way to a bad time then they will have a yarn with you and hook you up with some water or maybe a quick sit down. Remember, these people are here to help and want everyone to have a good time, plus a lot of them are volunteers who you might even see walking around the Uni the next day!

Liquor Ban

There is a temporary liquor ban for the period 21 – 24 February 2017, 6pm – 12am nightly around the Logan Park area.

The who’s who of safety at OUSA events:

Red Frogs – usually seen wearing a black shirt with a red frog on it, these guys will not only be sussing you FREE water but they’ll be giving out food and lollies and maybe even have shuttles running from certain stadium events to make sure you get home safe. These guys are volunteers so give them the love they deserve!

Are You OK? - OUSA aims to make sure you are safe at all of our great events. If you think you need help, look out for the ARE YOU OK? team in orange t-shirts, so they can suss you some water and a chill out space.

St. John – We don’t love many people more than we love the team at St John. These guys have been attending, and giving us advice on how to make events safer for a few years now. They have a team that put up with the cold, with the wet, and sometimes the bloody, and quite frankly when they’re not putting up with blisters at our gigs they’re saving lives. Respect.

Security – These guys are well trained and they’re who we rely on to make the calls on entry. So if you don’t have your ID or you’ve had a few too many brewskis then they’ll be sending you home. They’re your best mate if you need them to be, so give them a high five on the way in.

Emergency contacts

Both Campus Watch and the New Zealand Police will be making appearances in and around our events, but if you need their help in a hurry please call: Campus Watch - 0800 479 5000, or NZ Police - 111.