What do a famous anthropologist, a Gambian political secretary, a renowned statistician, a University vice-chancellor, an English monarch, a commonwealth games head and a little old lady from Brockville have in common? Yep. They’ve all been awarded Life Membership of OUSA.

Life membership is awarded automatically to all OUSA Presidents, and on the basis of particular service to OUSA to others. Up to two additional Life Memberships can be awarded in any one year.

OUSA keeps an up to date database of its life members and keeps in touch with them via an annual newsletter and invitations to exercise their voting rights at Elections time.


Darel Hall

Departing OUSA General Manager

Debbie Coulter

Departing OUSA Recreation Manager

Paul Hunt

OUSA President 2015


Donna Rose-Mckay

Post Humus - Disabilities Coordinator

Ruby Sycamore-Smith


OUSA President

Ruth Chapman

University Mediator


David RIchardson

Directer of Student Services

Francisco Hernandez



Stuart Reid

Staff Recreation Centre


Art Kojarunchitt

International Officer (2011)

Logan Edgar



Peter Townsend

UBS Chairman


Harriet Rose Geoghegan



Vanessa (Reddy) Beck

Staff Recreation Centre


Lesley Paris

BA Visual Culture

Station Manager Radio One 91FM 2004-2010

Currently General Manager of Otago Access Radio

Wei Ping Tan

BSc, PGDipSci

OUSA Designer, OUSA Clubs & Societies Customer Service, Otago Malaysian Students Association Mass Media Officer

Currently, working in Singapore.


Bill Turnbull

Was Manger Unipol
University of Otago Recreation Services Manager

Currently: in retirement in Wanaka, and representing the Otago Polytechnic Students Association as their representative on the Unipol Board

Edwin Darlow

OUSA President 2009,

Mark Henaghan

BA LLB(Hons) (Otago)
Professor of Law University of Otago


Anna McMartin

OUSA Student Support Centre Manager, OUSA Humanities Representative, NZUSA Women's Officer

Anna has also served the Otago Polytechnic Students' Association as President

Currently: working for the Ministry of Finance in Wellington.

Greg Hughson

Otago University Chaplain

Simon Wilson

OUSA President 2008., OUSA General Executive 2007

Currently: completing an MA degree in History


Hayden Wilson

Academic Qualifications: LLB

NZUSA Co-President, OUSA Campaigns Coordinator

Currently: With Kensington Swan in Wellington. Hayden has assisted OUSA with legal challenges to the University's Code of Conduct.

Renee Heal

BA (Hons) History and Political Studies

President 2007, Welfare Officer 2005, Education and Welfare Vice-President 2004, General Executive 2003

From 2008: Foreign Policy Officer, NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, working on international climate change negotiations


Lady Nola Holmes (Ross)

OUSA Lady Vice-President 1946 - 1947

Currently: living in retirement in Wellington.

Lady Holmes represents all of the women who served OUSA on the executive and in assisting roles since our beginnings whose contributions, before the 1980s, were largely unacknowledged.


Steven J R Sutton

President 2005, Administrative Vice-President 2003-04, General Executive, 2002.

Steven has completed his history and law degrees at the University of Otago and is currently studying at Cambridge University, UK..


Andrew (Cush) Cushen

BA (Hons) Political Studies, BCom Economics.

President 2004, Commerce Divisional Rep

Cush works for Vodafone and is undertaking an MA at the University of Auckland.

Sukhinder (Sukhi) Turner

BA in History and Political Science
Mayor of Dunedin and University Councillor 1995 - 2004; avid supporter of students.


Nicholas Lanham


President 2003, Commerce Divisional Rep 2002.

Nick is currently in Wellington, working for his family's business.

Patrick T. Crewdson

BA, GradDipJourn
Critic Editor 2002 -2003, Critic News Editor 2001 Patrick is currently the web editor for
He was previously a reporter at The Dominion Post, and before
that was a political reporter for the Herald on Sunday


Alistair Robert Wishart

Administrative Vice-President 2000, General Executive Member 1998

Currently: working for Dewey and LeBoeuf in London.

Andrew Dickson

'Andy Flyboy', Radio One's breakfast host 1996 - 2002 ( now in Auckland)

Glen William James Sinclair

OUSA Club Development Officer 2001 – 2002, OUSA Sports Officer 1999

Currently: Manager of the OUSA Aquatic Centre, Professional Coach and CEO of
Otago University Rowing.

Rosamond (Roz) Betsy Tania Connelly

OUSA President 2002, NZUSA President 2003

Currently works for the Ministry for Economic Development in Wellington and is Mum
to Fionn and Niamh.


Ayesha Jennifer Verrall

OUSA President 2001, OUSA Women's Rights Officer 2000, OUSA Health Sciences Divisional Rep, 1999

Currently: relocating to New York for the next three years to continue her infectious diseases training.
Has been working as an Infectious Diseases Registrar at Wellington Hospital following a period working as a Resident at the Canberra Hospital and volunteering at the ACT AIDS Action Council.

Fiona AT Bowker

BA (with credit), MA (Anthropology), DipArts, GradDip Applied Journalism

Critic Editor 2000-2001, Critic News Editor 1999, OUSA Campaigns Coordinator 1998,
OUSA Researcher 1997

Currently works in promotions & communications (still for OUSA!), freelance journalism/ writing/ research.

Jambavati Dasi

Has run Hare Krishna $2/ $3 lunches for students for a number of years, and still is.

Rachel Sarah Carrell

BA (Hons) Linguistics, Politic Science (Otago), MPhil International Development (with distinction) (Oxford), DPhil International Development (Oxford)
OUSA Education and Welfare Vice-President 2001, OUSA Women’s Rights Officer 2000

Currently: Rachel is working for McKinsey, a consulting firm in London.


Andrew Peter Campbell

OUSA President 2000, OUSA Campaigns Coordinator 1999, OUSA General Executive
1998, NZUSA President 2001

Currently a union organiser for Finsec (Wellington)

Ann Lammers

OUSA Accounts/Reception 1990 - 1993, OUSA Secretary 1994 - 1998,

Currently living and working in Central Otago.

Quentin Findlay

MA (Political Studies)
Long term Education Action Group member and OUSA supporter. Student General Meeting Chair 2000.

Currently: Education Office for LUSA (Lincoln University Students’ Association) and
undertaking part-time study for a Social Science PhD.


Alistair Timothy Gray

Otago University Registrar 1998 – 2001.

Currently: living in retirement in Dunedin

Kyle Matthews

BA, PGDipArts, BSc

OUSA Campaigns Coordinator 1995, General Executive 1996. OUSA Constitutional
Review Committee member, long-term OUSA supporter

Currently IT and Research support Administrator in the Dept History (Otago) and Dad of Alex and Amelia.

Ronald Chambers

Otago University Proctor 1980 - 2001.

His memoirs available from www.unibooks.co.nz

Stephen David Day

OUSA President 1999, Campaigns Coordinator 1998

Currently works for the Tertiary Education Union (TEU) as Communications and Campaigns Officer, after having worked for Finsec. (Wellington). Partner to Jeltsje, Dad to Jelle, Maaike and Nynke.


Jared William Grubb

Administrative Vice-President 1997

Currently: living in Moscow.

Mark Ian Baxter

OUSA Campaigns Coordinator 1999 (with Andrew Campbell) & 2001, OUSA General Executive 1996-1997 (campaigns, accommodation, mature students, House and Garden, ISB development, Constitutional Review Committee, employment and Burns Fellowship committee);

Long term OUSA and Education Action Group and Social Events activist and supporter (and occasional critic), anti unnecessary-Leith bridge organiser, Loaded Goblin patron, and occasional Critic letter of the week winner;
Present at the '93 Registry anti-fee increases 'riot' and both subsequent Registry occupations;

Was never OUSA Porridge Wrestling Champion, despite entering the event since its inception and frequently being reported as defending champion in the media;
Co-founder of the OU Highland & Gaelic Society in '96, and president for 4 or 5 years.

Currently: Student Liaison Officer, Otago Polytechnic Students' Association and
occasional freelance layout and design work.

Renee Garner

OUSA President 1998, Education and Welfare Vice President 1996

Currently: Legislative Counsel for the Office of the Clerk for the House of
Representatives, married to Brooke and mum to Isabella and Sophie.


Rachel Jane Brooking

President 1997, Administrative Vice President 1996, Campaigns Coordinator 1995.

OUSA Constitutional Review Committee member.

Currently: living in Dunedin, working for Anderson, Lloyd, Caudwell, and mother of Isaac.


Chris Tozer

BA (History and Politics), PostGrad Diploma (Politics)

President 1996, General Executive 1995,1994

Currently: Posted to New York as New Zealand's Trade Commissioner and Consul,
October 2006.

Joss Debreceny

Campaigns Coordinator 1993, NZUSA Campaigns Coordinator 1996

Nicole Roberton

Administrative Vice-President 1995

Currently: living in Ireland, mum to Tom and Elisabeth.

Shaun Scott

OUSA Education Coordinator 1995, EWVP

Currently: Union organiser for TEU (Otago) and Dad of Isaac and Molly


Judith Ablett-Kerr

Dunedin solicitor, still fighting in the corner of the deserving, the unheard and the

Rebecca H Martin

OUSA President 1995


Adrian J Reeve

OUSA President 1994

Currently: living in and fossicking through villages in the United Kingdom


Grant M Robertson

OUSA President 1993, NZUSA Co-President 1995-1996.

Currently: Labour MP for Wellington Central.

Has worked as: Senior Research Marketing Manager in the University of Otago's Enterprise Office, based in central Wellington after having worked in the Prime Minister's Office as an advisor to the Rt Hon Helen Clark, and as an Advisor to Hon Marian Hobbs, Minister for the Environment. Spent five years working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, including a posting to the United Nations in New York.


Kirsty Graham

OUSA President 1992

Currently: Deputy Permanent Representative Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (New York) and a mum.


Helen Jamieson


OUSA President 1991, Education and Welfare Vice-President 1990, Women's Rights Collective member 1989, on University Council 1992, on NZSAC (New Zealand Students Arts Council) 1990-91 (until it was disbanded)
Master of Arts (Research) at Queensland University of Technology (Australia).

Currently: based in Europe, furthering her theatre & digital performance career.



Donald Jones

MA (Otago) in Phenomenology of Religion
M.Phil. (Massey) in Defence and Strategic Studies

OUSA President 1990

Currently in NZ Army


Simon Rudd

OUSA President 1989

Last known: Currently: Dad to Sam; working with computers in New Plymouth.


Jon Mark Doig

OUSA President 1988

Currently: Chief Executive of Commonwealth Games Council for Scotland, based at the University of Stirling.


Colin Charles King

Union Manager.
He is remembered by Helen Jamieson thus: "There was many a night when he would be around until the wee small hours of the morning while the party raged, ready to have a quiet drink upstairs with those of us that were making sure everything was ok."

Sadly for us all, Colin is now deceased.

Mark Peter Aspden

Public Affairs Officer 1985, Education Officer 1986 and Business Manager 1987.

Currently: Living in Auckland (since the end of 1987), married with one son. Mark has mainly worked as a lawyer but now has a business providing home care for the elderly. Mark also tutors law professionals and is chairman of the Board of Auckland soccer.

Patrick David Coutts

Phys Ed 1987
seeking further info


Barry Allan

OUSA Treasurer

Currently: School of Law, Uni of Otago

Christopher Whitley Lambourne

Orientation Manager 1985, Information Officer 1984 and 1985, Radio One Station Manager 1986.

Participated in the deregulation of television and telecommunications and then internet and digital TV services .

Currently between Wanaka and Dunedin as an electrician.

Peter Robertson Reidie

OUSA President 1986

Currently Managing Director of Goodman Fielders Dairy & Meats Business in New Zealand. Prior to this role worked overseas for 14 years.

Ross William Blanch

BA (History)

OUSA President May 1986 to December 1987, OUSA Information Officer 1983, 1984,
Advertising Manager, Critic, 1988

Currently: Manager OUSA Clubs & Societies Centre since November 2000. Married to Keeley, with three children.


Liam Anthony Kennedy

OUSA President 1985

Currently: practising lawyer in Ireland. (Dublin)

Patricia Irvine (Tolson)


Pat is currently involved with the Dunedin Community Childcare Association.

Wendy Maree Houliston

Student Job Search

Currently: CEO, Cancer Society of New Zealand, Otago and Southland Division Inc.


Antony Victor James Hamel

Currently: practicing Barrister

Dean Robert Tobin

Vice President in both 1982 and 1984, and served on a number of committees

Currently: practising as a Barrister in Dunedin.

Robyn Lesley Gray

BA (Hons) Otago
LLB (Hons) Auckland

President OUSA 1984

Lives in Auckland with husband and three sons.
Robyn has had a varied career in journalism, PR, voluntary work and motherhood. She has recently
graduated in law and is working part time as a solicitor with a special interest in Treaty of Waitangi jurisprudence.

Stephen Grant Duffy

no further details

Stephen Michael Kilroy

Currently: recording engineer (Dunedin)


Brian Joseph O'Brian

further info needed please...

Harry Charles Evison

Clubs and Societies Manager

Currently: living in retirement in Christchurch

Phyllis Marie Comerford

OUSA President 1983


Alexander Yoke Sun (Alex) Lee

Overseas Students Officer 1979-1980, Business Manager 1982, NZUSA President 1986.

Currently: Principal, Alex Lee Lawyers; Chairman DOCNZ Festival trust; Chairman Asia NZ Film Foundation Trust; Governing Board, Screen Directors Guild of NZ; lecturer University of Auckland. codirector of DoczNZ Trust, board member oif Film Auckland and general counsel of ORYZA Asian performing arts foundation

Previously: Chairman, Thailand NZ Business Council; Chairman HK NZ Business Association; Director, Auckland Branch Insitute of Professional Legal Studies; Lecturer, City University of HK; Lecturer, HK University; Lecturer, Auckland University of Technology; Anchor presenter, The World Today, ATV World Channel Current Affairs (Hong Kong), Northcote Electoral Candidate.

Allan Robert Harvey

OUSA President 1982

Fr. Kevin Gerald John Toomey

University Chaplain

George Reid Perkins

Critic Editor 1982

Mrs Beverley Marion Kirk

OUSA Secretary to 1982


Frank Robert Foster

OUSA President 1981

Margaret Hay

OUSA Secretary

Margaret is currently working as Executive Secretary at Kings High School.

Rev Donald James Phillips

University Chaplain


Bridget Mary Rennie

OUSA Secretary

Currently: Completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree at the end of 2005.

George Minnerd Broad

Sadly for us all, George is now deceased.

Grant McCartney

OUSA President 1980

Currently: a partner in law firm in Australia.

Rod Carr

PhD, MA (Applied Economics and Managerial Science) [Pennsylvania], MBA
(Finance) [Columbia], LLB(Hons), BCom(Hons) (Economics) [Otago]

Currently: Vice-Chancellor, University of Canterbury

Managing Director of Jade Software Corporation, he spent the previous five years with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and has been Director,
Deputy Governor and Acting Governor.

Rod is also a long distance swimmer and, in recent years, in addition, has completed the Boston, New York and Paris marathons.

Victor George Lucibella

Union Chef

Sadly for us all, Victor is now deceased.


Algie Hayes


Sadly for us all, Algie is now deceased.

John Bovett

University Proctor

Sadly for us all, John is now deceased.

Paul MacDonald Gourlie

OUSA President 1979, 1980, Information Officer 1978


Andrew Guest

OUSA President 1978

Currently: Managing Director of Viranda Property Network

David George Slater

David is currently a lawyer in Invercargill

John Gibb

BA(Hons) English
Literary Editor 1973-1974, acting Editor and reporter at Critic 1973-1976, co-edited
OUSA Literary Review 1974 and 1975. Has also co-edited other literary publications.

Currently: Otago Daily Times Reporter (Dunedin)

Phillip Wayne Chronican

OUSA President 1978

Currently: Group Executive in charge of Westpac’s Institutional Banking Division


John Frederick Judge

Finance Rep 1973 -1974.

Currently: Chief Executive of Ernst Young, Auckland and on the Board of Te Papa.

Ken Francis Knarston

Ken was Capping controller in 1995 in addition to “spending about 100 years as a
doorman, barman and custodian” whilst completing his law degree.

Ross White

OUSA President 1977

Currently: works in Dunedin for the NZ Grassland Association.


Alistair Evans Broad

OUSA President 1976

Currently: We’re not really sure...

Margaret Ruth (or Dorothy) McLeod

Currently: Formerly Principal of Wellington Girls’ High School, she is now employed by
CORE Education Ltd; a not for profit educational research and development

She remains in Wellington, working in ICT and education.


Colonel Ralph Jauncey (aka Pat) Abbott

Union Manager

Sadly for us all, 'Pat' is now deceased.

Dr. John Waddell Hayward

Registrar, known as 'Jock'.

Sadly for us all, Dr. Waddell is now deceased.

Nigel Johnston Dunlop

OUSA President 1975

Currently: Christchurch



David Bruce Payton

OUSA President 1974

Current: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wellington


Trevor David Syme

OUSA President 1973


Rev John Albert Howell

OUSA President 1972

Currently based at St Paul’s Union Church in Taupo.


Dr. Don E Paterson

Services re. Discipline Regulations
Emeritus Professor, University of the South Pacific School of Law, Port Vila, Vanuatu.

After leaving Otago Law School in the early 1970s served as Legal Counsel to the New Zealand Ombudsmen for about six years and then joined the Laucala Campus of the University of the South Pacific at Suva, Fiji, as Professor of Public
Administration. In 1985 returned to first love, the law, and moved to the Emalus
Campus of USP at Port Vila, Vanuatu as Professor of Law to inaugurate a certificate and diploma program of law courses for paralegals, which was offered mainly by extension. In the 1990s this program was upgraded to a fully fledged law degree, which has been offered on campus and online since 1994, with the first vanguard of students graduating exactly ten years ago in 1997. Has retired (twice), but still actively teaching and undertaking research, especially on land and governance issues.

Ebraima Manneh

OUSA President 1971

Currently in Gambia, West Africa

Our first - and so far only - concurrent OUSA President and international student.


Leonard Errol Millar

OUSA President 1970


Murray Grenfell Jamieson

DPhil (Oxford), MSc (Edinburgh), MBChB (Otago), BMedSci (Otago), LLB (Auckland), DipObst, FRCOG, FRANZCOG, FTCL

OUSA President 1969

Currently: Coroner for New Zealand, based in Auckland.

In 1969 he was a Rhodes Scholar, from 1971 - 1974 a Lecturer in Anatomy at Merton College and Anatomical Demonstrator in the Department of Human Anatomy at Oxford University.

From 1981 to 1998 he was Senior Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the School of Medicine at the University of Auckland.

From 1988 to 1991 he was the Founding Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Education, from 2000 - 2001 a member of the Mental Health and Disability Committee, Auckland District Law Society, from 2001 to 2003 a member of the NZ Coroners' Council.

He is also a past president of the St Heliers Tennis Club and a past member of the Auckland Medicolegal Society.


Michael James Crozier

OUSA President 1968

Currently: has a personal chair in
Geomorphology at Victoria University of Wellington.

He teaches courses on Natural hazards, New Zealand Resources and Environment, and Geomorphology.

His previous appointments have been at the University of Otago, New Zealand, University of Alberta, and Trent University Ontario. He has been a recipient of the Visiting Professorial Fellowship, Durham University, (2003), Leverhulme Scholarship, University of Bristol (1998), and a Fulbright research Scholar, USA (1984).
He is currently a ministerial appointment to the New Zealand Conservation Authority that has statutory responsibilities for national parks and regional conservation management strategies, throughout the country. In 2006, this has seen him involved specifically with management plans for Fiordland and Arthur's Pass National Parks.

He has written and edited books on Landslides (Routledge), and Natural Hazards (NZ commission for UNESCO) and Landslide Hazard and Risk (Wiley), published in 2005. His research concerns largely contemporary geomorphic processes within the context of high-energy, tectonically active and environmentally unstable geomorphic regimes.
While much of his research has been on the role of climate in landslide initiation, recent work has involved, earthquake-triggered landslides, response of slopes to deforestation, runout behaviour of landslides, scarp evolution, natural hazard risk evolution, and the relationship between subsurface erosion, slope hydrology and landslides.

In 2006, he was President of the New Zealand Geographical Society and Vice President of the International Association of Geomorphologists.

The Hon. Justice James Bruce Robertson

BA LL.B (Otago), LL.M (Virginia) Hon LL.D (Otago)

OUSA President 1967 -68, IA Rep 1966-67, President Law Faculty Students Association 1967, Vice President NZUSA 1968-69, Member of Council, University of Otago 1969-1988, Pro-Chancellor 1982-1988,Chairman of the Council of Knox College and Salmond Hall 1976-1982

Partner in Dunedin law firm 1969-1987, Part-time lecturer in the Law School 1969-1985,
Appointed Judge of the High Court of New Zealand 1987,
President of the Court of Appeal of Vanuatu since 1996,
President of the Law Commission 2001-2005,
Permanent Member of the Court of Appeal since May 2005


Mrs Kathryn Helen Harris

OUSA Secretary.

Kathryn (Helen) died on Monday 22 May 2006 at the age of 96.
She is remembered by Executive members of the time as very kind, and very discreet.

Patrick Thomas Finnigan

OUSA President 1967

Currently: practising as a barrister in Auckland. He and (now Judge) Phil Recordon
brought the famous High Court case (Finnigan & Recordon v NZRFU Inc (No 2) that stopped the All Blacks Tour of South Africa, scheduled for 1985. (info c/-Hugh Tohill)


Brian William McCloy

Union Treasurer

Dennis Louis Pezaro

OUSA President 1966

Currently a GP in Wanaka

Dr. Arthur Beacham

Vice Chancellor University of Otago

Currently residing in Australia


David James More

OUSA President 1965

Currently: Barrister & Solicitor, Dunedin; serving on Board of Directors Planet Media
(Dunedin) Ltd.


Murray Fredrick Brennan

B. Sc. (Mathematics) (University of New Zealand), Certificate of Statistics, M.B. Ch.B (Medicine), M.D. (Metabolic Research), Ch.M. with Distinction (Endocrine Surgery) (University of Otago)
MD (Honorary) (University of Goteborg, Sweden), DSc (Honorary) (University of Otago), DSc (Honorary) (Imperial College, London), DSc (Honorary) (University of Edinburgh) FRACS, FACS, FRCS Edinburgh (Honorary), FRCSI Ireland (Honorary), FRACS Australasian (Honorary), FRCPS Glasgow (Honorary, FBCS Brazil (Honorary), FRCS England (Honorary, FRCPS Canada (Honorary)

OUSA President 1963, Vice-President 1962

Career Path: Left New Zealand in 1970 as a Fellow in Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston. In 1975 he became Head of the Surgical Metabolism Section of the Surgery Branch of the National Cancer Institute and Clinical Instructor in Surgery at Georgetown University, Washington DC.
In 1981 he came to NY as Chief of the Gastric & Mixed Tumor Service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) and Professor of Surgery at Weill Medical Center of Cornell University.

He became Chairman of the Department of Surgery at MSKCC (1985-2006). 1984-1998 he held the Alfred P. Sloan Chair of Surgery and from 1998 to present holds the Benno C. Schmidt Chair in Clinical Oncology.

In 1994 the Murray F. Brennan Chair in Surgery was established in his honour at MSKCC. In 1995 he was made a Member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, and in 2000 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Award from the American College of Surgeons.

Currently: Attending Surgeon in the Department of Surgery and Beno C. Schmidt Chair in Clinical Oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Professor of Surgery at Weill Medical College, Cornell University.

A member of innumerable academic surgical societies, national committees, and editorial boards, Dr. Brennan has served as Director of the American Board of Surgery, Chairman of the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, President of the Society of Surgical Oncology, and President of the American Surgical Association, and Vice President of the American College of Surgeons.

He has authored or co-authored more than 950 scientific papers and book chapters focusing on surgical oncology, endocrinology, metabolism, and nutrition, and is the author of a book on soft tissue sarcoma.

He continues his vigorous activities as a clinician-educator-investigator, with particular interest in patients with soft tissue sarcoma, pancreas, endocrine and gastric cancer. He is also engaged in extensive national and international lecturing on topics related to cancer, surgery, surgical training and associated issues.

As a peripheral avocation, he has helped his eldest son to develop a vineyard in Gibbston Valley, Queenstown, NZ.

In 1995, Dr. Brennan was honoured with membership in the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, and in 2000 he received the American College of Surgeons' highest award, The Distinguished Service Award.


Warren Geoffrey Broughton

OUSA President 1963

Currently residing in Invercargill


Roger Gault Barrowclough

OUSA President 1962
Currently a Barristor & Solicitor, Dunedin


John Cameron Cullen

OUSA President 1961
Currently an Orthopedic Surgeon, Auckland


Alastair Rowland Brown

OUSA President 1959-60, Capping Controller 1958-59, President OUMSA 1958-59. Member of Capping Sextet 1955-1960, NZ University Junior
Scholar 1954.

Currently: Retired, living in Sydney and holidaying in Wanaka.


Graeme Francis Rea

OUSA President 1959

Last known: at the World Bank, United States


William Hay Dawson

OUSA President 1958

Currently a Chartered Accountant, Dunedin


Dr Kenneth Eric Webley Melvin

OUSA President 1957
Chief of Medicine & Brill Professor, St. Vincent Hospital, Portland, Oregon, 1972-2004;
Professor of Medicine, Oregon Health Sciences University. Retired 2004. Continuing
to build and fly experimental aircraft full-time, a passion born of my RNZAF days as fighter pilot in No 4 Squadron, Taieri, Dunedin. Happily, I live on a private airfield, and have my planes in the hangar attached to my home. My wife and I had the pleasure of visiting Dunedin recently, for the 50th Medical School Class reunion. I was astonished at how the University has grown.

Robert Henry Henderson

Student Rep on Uni. Council

Sadly for us all, Robert is now deceased.


William Nelson Smith (later known as Adams Smith)

OUSA President 1955
Currently retired


Charles Wesley George Faulkner

Capping Concert Director - known as ‘Wes’
Sadly for us all, ‘Wes’ is now deceased.

Hugh Tohill

OUSA President 1954

Currently a Barrister & Solicitor, Consultant, Dunedin who is an ongoing supporter of University rugby.

Raymond Stewart Milne

NZUSA President

Currently retired, in England


Dr Robert Stevenson Aitken

Vice Chancellor

Sadly for us all, Dr. Aitken is now deceased.

Kenneth Alfred Kingsley North

OUSA President 1953

Formerly a Rhodes Scholar, Specialist Physician, England.

Currently: retired to Richmond, Nelson.


Liam Hugh Wright

OUSA President 1952

Currently residing in Auckland


James Edmond McCoy

OUSA President 1951

Sadly for us all, James is now deceased.


Miles Wilson Hursthouse

OUSA President 1949

Currently residing in Nelson with Jillian, his wife.

"Some highlights of my time were involvement in Capping, firstly in charge of the Book, the following year as Capping Controller, followed by President after that.
During that time I saw the advent of women in the Concert which I strongly supported, our own orchestra, and a record high Book sales one year (1947 or 1948).
I was also very closely involved in the design of the present Union Building."

Currently: Mr Hursthouse recently celebrated turning 90 with "no known diseases or abnormalities..." and, in addition to running a family company -as Director - he has just taken a back seat from his role as a Flying Instructor for the Nelson Lakes Gliding Club.

He and Jillian were interviewed by Dr Judy McGregor of the Human Rights Commission; the outcome of the interview forms a section in her book 'Lifeswork'


Alexander Gladstone Ritchie

OUSA President 1948

Sadly for us all, 'Sandy' is now deceased (Dec. 2004)


Frank Wakefield Holmes

OUSA President 1947

Currently the following: Emeritus Professor at UW, Chairperson of the Hugo Group.

In June 2006, Auckland University Press published 'Innovation and Independence' - a history of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand - in which Sir Frank collaborated with John Singleton, Arthur Grimes and Gary Hawke.

In 2005 IPS published a volume of essays from a seminar held in honour of his 80th birthday in 2004.

John Child

OUSA President 1947
Sadly for us all, John is now deceased.


Alan Alfred Joel

OUSA President 1946

Currently retired in England

John Newton Dodd

OUSA President 1946

1851 Exhibition Science Scholarship, Emeritus Professor.

Sadly for us all, 'Jack' is now deceased.


General Sir Bernard Cyril Freyberg

Head of NZ Army in WW2, became Governor.

He played rugby for Varsity A in 1910.

General Freyberg is now deceased.


Dr Donald Wallace McGregor

OUSA President 1944


John Alexander MacDonald Boyd

OUSA President 1943


Dr Harold Hugh Francis

OUSA President 1942
Currently: in Christchurch


Carylsle James Hartley (aka Lysle) Blackie

OUSA President 1941

Currently: in Christchurch


Charles Ernest Hubbard

OUSA President 1940


Hagbarth Ernest Moller

OUSA President 1939
Margorie McCallum Prize

Sadly for us all, Hagbarth Ernest Moller is now deceased


Prof. Dudley William Carmalt Jones

1st President of the University Rowing Club 1926, co-founder and first President of the
University Club.
Sadly for us all, Professor Jones died (in the ’40s). (info supplied by Hugh Tohill)

Professor Wilfred David (Mick) Borrie

OUSA President 1938

An Emeritus Professor at ANU, Australia, Mick Borrie passed away on 01/01/2000 - an auspicious date for the demographer who held the first chair of demography anywhere in the world.

Born in New Zealand in 1913, Borrie took degrees from Otago and Cambridge Universities. He began teaching social history at Sydney University in 1941, but joined the Australian National University in 1948 at the dawning of that university.
'Mick' is among the world's top demographers.

(notes from a published obit.)


Douglas Peter Kennedy

OUSA President 1937
Sadly for us all, Douglas is now deceased.
Doug Kennedy saw service in World War II in Africa and Italy (where he married his
late wife Mavis, a NZ Army nurse) before returning to his home town Christchurch
and then Wellington. At the time of his death in 1972 he was Director General of
Health. From 1962-65 he was an external examiner at OU Medical School. He
thoroughly enjoyed OU, suggesting in 1937 (in The Critic) that people go to University
for a host of reasons “some important, some trivial, and many positively criminal”. In
more serious tone he warned against forces “even in New Zealand” which
“discredit democracy, ridicule peace and justice, and restrict as far as possible
freedom of conscience and expression…” (Thanks to Peter Kennedy, Douglas’ son,
for this information.)


Francis John Green

OUSA President 1936

All Black reserve; known as 'Frank'.

Sadly for us all, Francis is now deceased.

Maurice Joel

Vice-President of NZUSA and again in 1957 for Legal Services

Sadly for us all, Maurice is now deceased.


Mr Charles Byers Barrowclough

Sadly for us all, Mr B. is now deceased.

William Hawksworth

OUSA President 1934. He was wicket-keeper for Otago and, with Roger Blunt, still
holds the NZ first class record for the last wicket - 184 runs in the 1932/33 season.
Sadly for us all, William is now deceased.


John Manton Butler

OUSA President 1932

Received Smeaton Senior Award in Experimental Science, John Edmond Award for Industrial Research in Chemistry.

Sadly for us all, Mr B. died in Australia in 2001.
His son tells us "My father was so proud of his student days at the Otago University, of being a New Zealander and his enthusiasm for rugby - and the All Blacks in particular.".


Sir John Arthur Stallworthy

OUSA President 1930
Sadly for us all, Sir J died in 1993


Rev Henry Alexander McDonald Mitchell

OUSA President 1928 Known as Alex and later coached Varsity A.
Sadly for us all, �Alex� is now deceased.


HRH The Duke of York (later George VI)

Presented with life membership on his visit to campus 17 March 1927.

Now deceased.


Philippe Sidney de Quetteville Cabot

OUSA President 1925/ founding President of NZUSA, All Black.

Sadly for us all, 'Sid' is now deceased.


Robinson Early Hall

OUSA President 1924


Prof. John Alexander Douglas Iverach

OUSA President 1923

Sadly for us all, John is now deceased.

Hugh Tohill notes: "Throughout his Professorial life, all his colleagues, still alive, only knew him as 'Ippy'. None knew his first name!"


James Craig Leitch

OUSA President 1922


Gilbert MacLean

OUSA President 1921


Professor Alexander Craig (aka Swatty) Aitken

OUSA President 1920

A famous mathematician - Sadly for us all, 'Swatty' is now deceased.


James Tait Laurenson

OUSA President 1919
Lived in England