The OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre at 84 Albany Street is transforming into a study space from 11pm every night between 17-23 and 25-31 October in the lead-up to and beginning of exams!*

Still have study to do, but the library is closed? Don’t despair! Clubs and Socs is open 24/7 through until the 23rd of October, as a communal study space. If you need a study space at other times, have a go at booking a room.

There will be free wi-fi and the building will be kept toasty warm inside! You'll have access to a microwave and a delicious range of frozen meals are available to be purchased from Reception, there's also a University connected printer/photocopier in the foyer if you need to print anything!

Please try to be respectful to your fellow study buddies – keep the social stuff in the first floor foyer where we have plenty of lounging space.

*Clubs and Socs won't be open at all on Labour Day though, and consequently will also be closing at 8.30pm on Sunday the 23rd of October. Soz!