When: Monday - Friday, 12noon-2pm

Price: $3 standard lunch, add $1 for dessert. Also optional side dishes.

Where: In the Evison Lounge of the Clubs and Societies Centre at 84 Albany Street

Types of meals:

  • Mondays – Pasta and Apple Crumble
  • Tuesdays – Creamy curried Vegetables and rice plus more
  • Wednesdays – Soup with fresh bread rolls and chocolate pudding
  • Thursdays – Curried lentils and rice with semolina pudding
  • Fridays – Mild lentil and potato curry on rice OR butter chicken

We also have a range of side dishes which vary from day to day such as samosas or bliss balls

Benefits: Benefits: Yummy, nutritious, value for money, cooked locally (none of that processed factory stuff )

Suppliers: Hare Krishna Dunedin and Community Sai Youth

Enquiries to: Clubs and Societies Centre, 479 5960

*You can eat in OR, if you provide a container, you can take away