Gold Award Recipients

Craig Stanton: Gold for Debating
Millicent Lovelock: Gold for Music and Writing
Neeraj Khatri: Gold for Culture
Ng Zhu Yen: Gold for Culture
Sophie Morris: Gold for Music

Silver Award Recipients

Bryony Alden: Service to Ecology
Henry Flood: Service to OUAFC
Katie Logan: Service to OUSSC
Lark Hare: Service to Rotaract
Neeraj Khatri: Service to ISA

Blues Award Recipients

Alex Doods: Blue for Running
Bridget Thayer: Blue for Netball
Emma Sutherland: Blue for Curling
Emma Weith: Blue for Rowing
Hannah Duggan: Blue for Rowing
Henry Flood: Blue for Football
Heta Tamihana Scarf-Matthews: Blue for AFL
Holly Fletcher: Blue for Running
Holly Robinson: Blue for Javelin
Jaz Morris: Blue for Climbing
Jean Kozyniak: Blue for Athletics
Kate Godfey: Blue for Swimming
Katherine Lockton: Blue for Taekwon-Do
Kieran O'Connor:Blue for Hockey
Kelsi Parker: Blue for Rowing
Lachlan Frear: Blue for Ice Hockey
Laura Overton:Blue for Javelin
Maddi Mclean:Blue for Hockey
Madi Williams: Blue for Multisport
Maryann Cant: Blue for Football
Michaela Thomson: Blue for Taekon-Do
Maysie Scott: Blue for Rowing
Nicky Britten: Blue for Football
Penny Barnsdale: Blue for Rowing
Rachel Horrocks: Blue for Netball
Renee Bacon: Blue for Football
Robert Joop: Blue for Athletics
Sabrina Grogan: Blue for Running
Samuel Bremner: Blue for Running
Sarah MacGibbon: Blue for Ice Skating
Shaun Harrison: Blue for Ice Hockey
Simon Early: Blue for Rowing
Stephanie Gillespie: Blue for Open Water Swimming
Todd Bates: Blue for Hammerthrow

University of Otago Māori Sportsman of the Year

Lachlan Frear
Lachlan is a New Zealand representative for Ice Hockey having competed at the world champs where the NZ team came 4th in the 2nd division. He also represents Dunedin Thunder in the NIHL having previously played for Southern Stampede.

University of Otago Sportswoman of the Year

Holly Robinson (Winner)
Holly is one of the best athletes in her class in the world and highly deserving of this award. Being 3rd in the world age 21 is a huge achievement and we can expect even more to come from this phenomenal athlete.
Maryann Cant (Runner Up)
Maryann’s years of service to the OUAFC and the Football South Womens’ team were extremely impressive. She has competed at the highest league for women in the country for three years and we believed she deserved extra recognition for her achievements

University of Otago Sportsman of the Year

Shaun Harrison (Winner)
The most impressive thing about Shaun was not just his amazing talents in the rink but also the amount of hard work he puts in off it. He is not just a NZ Rep at the highest level (Ice Blacks) he also coaches a NZ age group side. He is a supremely talented sportsman.
Kieran O'Connor (Runner Up)
Kieran is a dedicated and talented hockey play. He is a member of the NZ Future Black Sticks team, an Otago University Hockey Club premier player, a regional representative and a member of the U23 black sticks.

OUSA Club of the Year

Otago Dance Association
ODA was founded in 2012 and since then has grown into the one of the largest clubs on campus. Every week they offer 6-10 distinct dance classes. All of these teachers are students and ODA members, and classes often have up to 30 attendees. They run workshops supporting local schools and hold annual competitions to celebrate their members. They hold an annual showcase to allow members to perform publicly, they also run the ODA Lunchtime Theatre Show, and this year established the ODA Performance Troupe. ODA is extremely active on campus with the aim of promoting dancing, developing friendships and building a sense of community. They will be performing for us now.

Outstanding Member of Dunedin Community

Ann Cronin (Winner)
Established GasWorks, a community digital education hub in the old gasworks museum. Her STEM outreach engages over 100 youth every weekend. She routinely volunteers at the organisation while simultaneously studying for her phd.
Briar Colville (Runner Up)
UniCrew member and the event manager of the Dunedin Sleep Out. She also is an intern for CivX which helps make the legal and political system of NZ accessible to youth.

University Coach of the Year

John Guthrie
John Guthrie is a senior lecturer in the marketing department and has been heavily involved with Business Case Competitions at Otago. This started in 2003 when he coached and took an Otago team to a competition hosted by the Copenhagen Business School. He returned to NZ full of enthusiasm for the case competition format with huge potential for providing students with real business opportunities and the chance to take Otago to the world. He quickly moved to establish a local competition and to involve Otago in a national league of all NZ universities. His years of dedication and helping establish the Otago Business Case Club make him the most worthy recipient of the Coach of the Year. The panel felt it was vital that we recognised the hard work that John puts into making Otago University a leading university in the Case Competitions sphere.

OUSA Cultural Society of the Year

Malaysian Students’ Association
MUSA aims to enrich the international culture of Dunedin by showcasing the diversity of Malaysian culture throughout their events. This year they showcased this though their cultural nights and other events including the International Cultural Carnival. They support young and international members with tutorials. They organise trips and volunteer activities for members. This year they also organised the Bersatu games, a massive undertaking which saw Malaysian students from all around the country come to Dunedin to compete in a week of sporting, cultural and social activities.

OUSA Society of the Year

ATOM is the newly reformed Science Community of Otago. From zero members in January they developed a club with over 300 members, with engaging and innovative ideas. They promote science on campus through events, clubs day and other outreach. They have established think tanks like Science for Syria that aim to engage their members in supporting newly arrived Syrians in Dunedin. They also established recruitment evenings that showcased volunteering opportunities to their members.

Outstanding Member of the University Community

Abigail Clark (Winner)
She has attended the Aspiring Leaders Forum and is involved with Merit360 She is program co-ordinator for the Otago International Friendship Network and also volunteers extensively for OUSA and UniCrew.
Jessie Manning (Runner Up)
She has volunteered extensively for the Locals Programme and attended the Youth Intensive Experiential Leadership Development