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Commercial 'base' kitchen, registered with the Dunedin City Council
B.Y.O utensils and other cooking equipments
Free for students to hire; POA per hour for non-students

5m W x 4.5m L
22 square metres


Two gas ovens and hobs
Commercial dishwasher


The kitchen must be left clean and tidy, all rubbish is to be put in the outside skip.
There are strict rules regarding the use of the OUSA Kitchen. Please enquire at reception for more details.

Please note that if you turn up 15 minutes later than your booking time, your booking may be cancelled. Let reception know if you will be late.

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Friday 20th October, 2017

9:00am (09:00:00/22:30:00)
9:30am (09:30:00/22:30:00)
10:00am (10:00:00/22:30:00)
10:30am (10:30:00/22:30:00)
11:00am (11:00:00/22:30:00)
11:30am (11:30:00/22:30:00)
12:00pm (12:00:00/22:30:00)
12:30pm (12:30:00/22:30:00)
1:00pm (13:00:00/22:30:00)
1:30pm (13:30:00/22:30:00)
2:00pm (14:00:00/22:30:00)
2:30pm (14:30:00/22:30:00)
3:00pm (15:00:00/22:30:00)
3:30pm (15:30:00/22:30:00)
4:00pm (16:00:00/22:30:00)
4:30pm (16:30:00/22:30:00)
5:00pm (17:00:00/22:30:00)
5:30pm (17:30:00/22:30:00)
6:00pm (18:00:00/22:30:00)
6:30pm (18:30:00/22:30:00)
7:00pm (19:00:00/22:30:00)
7:30pm (19:30:00/22:30:00)
8:00pm (20:00:00/22:30:00)
8:30pm (20:30:00/22:30:00)
9:00pm (21:00:00/22:30:00)
9:30pm (21:30:00/22:30:00)
10:00pm (22:00:00/22:30:00)