It’s your call 

We’re all about having an epic time here in dunners. The issue is we too often hear about stuff going a bit far, and to be honest we deal with a lot of students who are getting put in shit situations all because they think they have to go along with what goes along with a Red Card or a flat initiation.

The reality is you do not need to take part in drinking games, initiations or ceremonies.  It’s your call, and what type of mate is going to let you get in to a situation that you feel uneasy or freaked out about. Seriously, why would a flat from this year tell you what you have to do to ‘be able’ to rent the same flat next year? We’re pretty sure it’s only the landlord that you have to even talk to about that flat.

Also, just to protect you in case the ‘shituation’ gets a bit out of hand, the Student Code of Conduct at Otago forbids organising initiation events or ceremonies requiring the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs. 

Why are these events forbidden?

Because these events can jeopardise you or your mate’s well-being, personal safety and they sometimes encourage students to break the law.  This is why the University takes a hard line with organisers of such events.  It is simply not acceptable to let your fellow students down by expecting them to take part in dangerous activities that can harm them.  In short, nobody should be subjected to pressure to take part in dangerous activities.