Queer Support Library
We recognise that often queer characters are rendered invisible to general books, TV programmes of movies. This is why we provide a resource library with characters that cover the spectrum of queer identities in order to provide students with media choices that they can relate to. We currently have a multimedia collection of more than 850 items which is constantly growing. So come have a browse of the library which is located at the OUSA Student Support Centre, 5 Ethel Benjamin Place, from 9am to 4.30 pm weekdays. All items are free for students to borrow.


DVDs General International
50 Ways of Being Fabulous Aimee &Jaguar
Another Country Antonia's Line
All Over The Guy Beautiful Boxer
Angels In America Be With Me
After Sex Birthday Boy
Adam & Steve Butterfly Kiss
Beginners Claire of the Moon
Behind the Candelabra Edge of Heaven, The
But I'm a Cheerleader Elena Undone
Brother to Brother Enter the Phoenix
Brokeback Mountain Farewell My Concubine
Breakfast with Scot Fire
Breakfast on Pluto Four-Faced Liar, The
Breakfast on Pluto Happy Together
Brad Pitt Collection Heartbeats
Boys Don't Cry Iria, Volume 2
Boy Culture Iron Ladies, The
Bitch Slap King and the Clown, The
Big Eden Lanyu
Better Than Chocolate Lost and Delirious
C.R.A.Z.Y. Make the Yuletide Gay
Circumstance Mala Noche
Children's Hour, The Mango Kiss
Capote Ma Vie en Rose (My Life in Pink)
Cabaret M.W.
Dead Europe Proteus
D.E.B.S Rice Rhapsody
De-Lovely Spider Lillies
Dr. T and the Women Stupid Boy
Edge of Seventeen Tomboy
Fabulous Flag Sisters, The
Fingersmith Documentaries
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café Big Gay Musical, The
Gods and Monsters Black White + Gray
Goldfish Memory Celluloid Closet, The
Gone, But Not Forgotten Chris & Don: A Love Story
Hedwig and the Angry Inch Courage Unfolds
Home at the End of the World, A Darling! The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story
Howl Edgeplay
International, The Fabulous!
It's In the Water Funny Kinda Guy
Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love, The Gay Sex in the 70's
Kids are Alright, the Gendernauts
Kinky Boots Hidden History of Homosexual Australia, The
Laurence Anyways Lesbian Sex and Sexuality
Love and Death Love Life 2
Latter Days Margaret Cho: Beautiful
My Own Private Idaho Parenting Through Separation
My Beautiful Laundrette Rubbings From a Live Man
Magic Mike Trans Generation
Madame Sata Trans Generation
Man Who Cried, The Topp Twins, The Movie
Mysterious Skin Topp Twins, The Movie
Night Listener, The Times of Harvey Milk, The
Nights in the Gardens of Spain Through Rainbow Coloured Glasses
Naked Civil Servant, The Walk Like a Man
Puccine For Beginners TV Shows
Precious Buffy, The Vampire Slayer; Season One
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Dante's Cove; The Lost Pilot, Season one, Season Two
Personal Best Ellen Show, The
Prayers for Bobby Ellen Show, The
Passion of Anna, The L Word, The, Season One; Disk 1, 2,3, 4 & 5
Queer Duck L Word, The, Season Two; Disk 1, 2,3, 4
Running Scissors L Word, The, Season Three; Disk 1, 2,3, 4
Runaways, The L Word, The, Season Four; Disk 1
Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! Does Judy! Judy! Judy! L Word, The, Season Four; Disk 2
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The L Word, The, Season Four; Disk 3
Rock Haven L Word, The, Season Four; Disk 4
Room in Rome L Word, The, Season Five; 5 Disks
Rope Real L Word, The, Season One; 3 Disks
Rent Lip Service, Series One
Shortbus Queer as Folk, Definitive Collection
Single Man, A Queer as Folk, Complete Second Season, Volume 1
Station Agent, The Queer as Folk, Complete Second Season, Volume 2
Sum of Us, The Queer as Folk, Complete 2nd Season; 5 Disk Set
Serving In Silence Queer as Folk, Complete Third Season; 5 Disk Set
Serenity Queer as Folk, Complete Fourth Season; Disk One
She's The Man Queer as Folk, Complete Fourth Season; Disk Two
Shock to the System Queer as Folk, Complete Fourth Season; Disk Three
Stage Beauty Queer as Folk, Complete Fourth Season; Disks Four &Five
Strange Bed Fellows Six Feet Under, Complete Second Season; 5 Disk Set
Summer Storm Six Feet Under, Complete Third Season; 5 Disk Set
Travelling Light Six Feet Under, Complete Fourth Season; 5 Disk Set
Valkyrie Six Feet Under, Complete Fifth Season; 5 Disk Set
Visitor, The Skins, Series 1; 3 Disk Set
World Unseen, The Skins, Series 5; 3 Disk Set
Wedding Banquet, The Topp Twins, The, Complete Collection
Weekend True Blood, Complete First Season; 5 Disk Set
Wilde Will & Grace, Season 1; 4 Disk Set
Will & Grace, Season 2; 4 Disk Set
  Will & Grace, Season 3; 4 Disk Set
Will & Grace, Season 4; 4 Disk Set
  Will & Grace, Season 5; 4 Disk Set
  Will & Grace, Season 6; 4 Disk Set
  Will & Grace, Season 7; 4 Disk Set
  Will & Grace, Season 8; 4 Disk Set
General Interest Fiction - Author Title
Atkins, Catherine When Jeff Comes home
Aldiss, Brian W. Hand-Reared Boy, The
Arrick, Fran What You Don't Know Can Kill You
Arrick, Fran What You Don't Know Can Kill You
Auckland Lesbian and Gay Lawyers Group Out Law
Bagemihl, Bruce Biological Exuberance
Barker, Clive Great and Secret Show, The
Barker, Clive Sacrament
Berendt, John City and Falling Angels, The
Binding, Paul Harmonica's Bridgegroom
Boyer, David Kings and Queens
Boykin, Keith Respecting the Soul
Broughton, James Graffiti for the Johns of Heaven
Bunn, Scott Just Hold on
Campbell, Michael Lord Dismiss us
Carson, Michael Demolishing Babel
Clark, Catherine Truth or Dairy
Compilation AIDS in NZ
Compilation Out Write, a Queer Review
Cooper, Denis He Cried
Cooper, Melrose Life Magic
Cormier, Robert Chocolate War, The
Couch, Michael J. My Friend is My Enemy
Davis, Peter Intimate Details & Vital Statistics
Deitcher, David Over the Rainbow
Duberman, Martin Hidden From History
Durant, Penny Raife When Heroes Die
Douglas, Norman South Wind
Everhard, Jim Cute
Farmer, Penelope Year King
Flame Life on the Game, A
Forrest, Lisa Making the Most of It
Forster, E. M. Where Angels Fear to Tread
Fox, Paula Eagle Kite, The
French, Anne Male as Evader, The
Friskopp, Annette Straight Jobs, Gay Lives
Gale, Patrick Facing the Tank
Gale, Patrick Facts of Life, The
Gonsiorick, John C. Guide to Psychotherapy with Gay and Lesbian Clients, A
Grahn, Judy Another Mother Tongue
Guibert, Herve To the Friend Who Did Not Save My Life
Gunn, Thom Man with Night Sweats, The
Hall, Lynn Giver, The
Hart, Ellen Mirror and the Mask, The
Hardin, Kimeron N. Loving Ourselves
Hilton, Nette Square Pegs
Hopcke, Robert H. Same-Sex Love
Huegel, Kelly GLBTQ
Hulme, Keri The Bone People
Isherwood, Christopher My Guru and His Disciple
Ihimaera, Witi New Net Goes Fishing, The
Ihimaera, Witi Dear Miss Mansfield
Ihimaera, Witi Whanau
Ihimaera, Witi Nights in the Gardens of Spain
James, Bev Gender, Culture & Power
Johnson, Sonia Wildfire
Klein, Norma Family Secrets
Kureishi, Hanif Buddha of Suburbia, The
Lay, Graeme Fools on the Hill, The
Leavitt, David Indian Clerk, The
Leeson, Robert Red, White & Blue
van Lieshout, Ted Brothers
London, Jack Sea Wolf, The
Lucashenko, Melissa Killing Darcy
Lucie-Smith, Edward Dark Pageant, The
Manning, Sarra Pretty Things - Needs Repairing
Mars-Jones, Adam Lantern Lecture
MacNeill, Ian Red and Silver
Mason, Richard Drowning People, The
Manning, Reed Earthly Pleasures
Marcus, Eric Is It a Choice?
Maupin, Armistead Maybe the Moon
Michaels, Grant Mask for a Div
Monette, Paul Borrowed Time
Montpetit, Charles First Time, The
Munagle, Bernie Hot Hits
Murrow, Lisa Ketchum Twelve Days in August
Murrow, Lisa Ketchum Twelve Days in August
Melville, Herman Pierre or the Ambiguities
Nava, Michael Hidden Law, The
Nava, Michael Little Death, The
Nelson, Theresa Earthshine
Nicolsons, Nigel Potrait of a Marriage
Niles, Blair Strange Brother
Noonan, Michael McKenzie's Boots
Paglia, Camille Sexual Personae
Purdy, James Out With the Stars
Rechy, John City of Night
Rees, David Lighthouse, The
Rees, David In the Tent
Reidy, Sue Visitation, The
Renault, Mary Fire From Heaven
Reynolds, Marilyn Telling
Rice, Christopher Density of Souls, A
Schiebinger, Londa Mind Has No Sex?, The
Scott, Rosie Glory Days
Shephard, Reginald Some Are Drowning
Shephard, Reginald Angel, Interrupted
Soesbe, Douglas Children in a Burning House
Soldatow, Sasha Mayakovsky in Bondi
Tchudi, Stephen Burg-O-Rama Man, The
Walker, Paul Robert Method, The
Whitebeach, Terry Watersky
Wells, Peter One of Them
Wersba, Barbara Tunes for a Small Harmonica
Wheatley, Nadia Blooding, The
Wheatley, Nadia Kestral
White, Patrick Voss
Whyte, Christopher Warlock of Strathearn
Winks, Cathy Good Vibrations Guide to Sex
Worrall, Carrie Grace
Worth, Heather, et al Life of Brian, The
Trans and Bi Fiction
Brown, Geoff I Want What I want
Cart, Michael How Beautiful The Ordinary
Eugenides, Jeffrey Middlesex
Gale, Patrick Tree Surgery for Beginners
Harris, E. Lynn Invisible Life
Harris, E. Lynn Abide With Me
Kay, Jackie Trumpet
Langley, Lynda He's My Daughter
Peters, Julie Anne Luna
Weinberg, Martin S. et al Dual Attraction
Woolf, Vintage  Orlando
Lesbian Interest Fiction
Aurora Lesbian Love Signs
Barker, Clive Everville
Boffin, Tessa Stolen Glances
Boock, Paula Dare, Truth or Promise
Bright, Susie Nothing But the Girl
Bright, Joyce Sunday's Child
Castle, Terry Apparitional Lesbian, The
Chester, Gail In Other Words
Conn, Nicole Claire of the Moon
Degeneres, Ellen Funny Thing Is…, The
Denison, Lyn Silver Threads
Donoghue, Emma Stir-Fry
Duffy, Stella Calendar Girl
Forrest, Katherine V. Curious Wine
Foster, Marion Monarchs are Flying, The
Fulton, Jennifer True Love
Gantos, Jack Desire Lines
Garden, Nancy Anne on My Mind
Hall, Radclyffe Well of Loneliness, The
Hall, Sandi Wingwomen of Hera
Harding, Kat Lesbian Kama Sutra, The
Hart, Lynda Fatal Women
Hawthorne, Susan Spinnifex Quiz Book, The
Haslund, Ebba Nothing Happened
Herd, Joyce Cracks In A Glass Ceiling
Highsmith, Patricia Carol
Jaivin, Linda Confessions of an S&M Virgin
Kallmaker, Karin Painted Moon
Keesey, Pam Women Who Run With Wolves
Kennedy, Evelyn To Love Again
Langford, Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town
Lapovsky Kennedy, Elizabeth Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold
Loulan, JoAnn Lesbian Passion
Loulan, JoAnn Lesbian Sex
Loulan, JoAnn Lesbian Sex
Lyons, Lynda Priorities
Martin, Michelle Pembroke Park
Martinac, Paula Home Movies
Maupin, Armistead Further Tales of the City
McCrary Boyd, Blanche Terminal Velocity
McHugh, Erin L Life, The
McNab, Claire Inner Circle
McNab, Claire Fatal Reunion
McNab, Claire Double Bluff
McNab, Claire Body Guard
McNab, Claire Death Down Under
Miller, Isabel Patience & Sarah
Miller, Isabel Love of Good Woman, The
Miller, Neil Out In the World
Mullins, Hilary Cat Came Back, The
Mullins, Hilary Cat Came Back, The
Navratilova, Martina Martina
Pausacker, Jenny What Are Ya?
Penelope, Julia Finding the Lesbians
Pimental-Habib, Richard Empowering the Tribe
Quinn, Susan Mind of Her Own, A
Revoyr, Nina Necessary Hunger, The
Rieder, Ines Matters of Live and Death
Rule, Jane Dessert of the Heart
Schramm-Evans, Zoe Making Out
Shange, Ntozake Sassafrass, Cypress and Indigo
Silva, Rosemary Lesbian Quotations
Smith, Shelley Horizon of the Heart
Sprecher, Lorrie Sister Safety Pin
Starr, Victoria K. D. Lang
Stevens, Robin Girlfriend Number One
Stewart, Terry Invisible Families
Tracey, Liz So You Want to Be a Lesbian?
Waters, Sarah Tipping the Velvet
Waters, Sarah Night Watch, The
Watts, Julia Wildwood Flowers
Weathers, Brenda House at Pelham Falls, The
Welsh, Lindsay Sexual Fantasies
West, Celeste Lesbian Love Advisor, A
Willis, Julia Reel Time
Wilson, Barbara Cows and Horses
Wilson, Barbara Murder in the Collective
Winterson, Jeanette Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
Woodcraft, Elizabeth Good, Bad Woman
Woodrow, Terry Lesbian Bedtime Stories 2
Anthologies and Poetry
Anderson, Ken Hasty, Hearts
Andros, Phil Century of Gay Erotica, A
Arden Pomegranate Season
Arden Pomegranate Season
Arden Pomegranate Season
Baille, Allan et al Phone Book, The
Barber, Karen Afterglow
Barber, Karen Bushfire
Beam, Joseph In the Life
Bell, Linda A. Visions of Women
Berry, Chris Australia Queer
Bergman, David Men on Men, 6
Bergman, David Men on Men, 7
Bergman, David Heroic Measures
Binding, Paul Dreams and Speculations
Blacklock, Dyan Call It Love
Bode, Janet Heartbreak and Roses
Bouldert, Brian Best American Gay Fiction, 2
Bouldert, Brian Best American Gay Fiction, 3
Bradford, Rev, E. E. To Boys Unknown
Bradshaw, Jan Girls Next Door
Bradstock, Margaret, et al Edge City on Two Different Plans
Brass, Perry Works, and Other Stories
Breckinridge, Myra Gore Vidal
Burton, Peter Talking To…
Califia, Pat Public Sex
Califia, Pat Forbidden Passages
Cameron, Anne Earth Witch
Carter, Angela Wayward Girls and Wicked Women
Cavafy, C. P. Collected Poems
Cernuda, Luis Young Sailor, The
Coote, Stephen Homosexual Verse
Coote, Stephen Homosexual Verse
Coriolan, John Dream Stud
Cox, Ed Collected Poems
Curry, Gerard Tangled Sheets
van Dijk, Lutz Challenging Homophobia
Drake, Robert His
Drake, Robert His, 2
Durant, Alan Short Stay In Purgatory, A
Eggleton, David Landfall
Forster, E. M. Collected Short Stories of
Freeman, Gillian Undergrowth of Literature, The
Gale, Patrick Dangerous Pleasures
Genega, Paul Kings and Beggars
Giorno, John You Got to Burn to Shine
Glass, Philip Opera on the Beach
Goldstein, Ben More Like Minds
Grier, Barbara First Time Ever, The
Hamer, Diane Good, the Bad, the Gorgeous, The
Hart, Nett Awakening
Hawthorne, Susan Car Maintenance, Explosives and Love
Herren, Greg Shadows of  the Night
Hodgson, Miriam Heart to Heart
Humphries, Martin Not Love Alone
Jones, Sonya L. Gay and Lesbian Literature Since WWII
Kirkup, James So Long Desired
Klawitter, George Country Matters
Kostos, Dean Sentence That Ends With a Comma, The
Leavitt, David Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories, The
Leavitt, David New Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories, The
Leavitt, David New Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories, The
Leavitt, David Arkansas
Lee, Bill Rogues to Remember
Leek, Robert Sweet and Sour Cocktails
Levithan, David Full Spectrum, The
Leyland, Winston Straight Hearts' Delight
Lowenthal, Michael Flesh and the World, A
Lowenthal, Michael Flesh and the World, A; 4
March, R. J. Looking For Trouble
Mars-Jones, Adam Mae West Is Dead
Maugham, Robin Lovers in Exile
McFarlane, Peter Lovebird
Mishima, Yukio Acts of Worship
Mohin, Lilian Reach, The
Mordden, Ethan Waves
Pasolini, Pier Paolo European Gay Review, The
Peters, Robert Poems, Selected and New
Philebus Blue Boys
Newman, Leslea My Lover is a Woman
Nieuwenhuizen, Agnes Family
Picano, Felice Slashed to Ribbons in Defense of Love
Preston, John Flesh and the Word, 2
Robins, Peter Summer Shorts
Robins, Peter Gay Touch, The
Rule, Jane Lesbian Images
Reynolds, Margaret Penguin Book of Lesbian Short Stories, The
Rimbaud, Arthur A Lover's Cock
Rednour, Shar Virgin Territory
Rachel, T. Cole Bend, Don't Shatter
Sacuta, Norm Garments of the Known
Schimel, Lawrence Mammoth Book of Gay Erotica, The
Singer, Bennett L. Growing Up Gay/Growing Up Lesbian
Smith, Michael J. Black Men, White Men
Smith, Winthrop The Weigh-In
Soles, Caro Meltdown
Stewart, Terry Invisible Families
Trinidad, David Powerless
White, Edmund Fresh Men
Williams, Tenessee Collected Stories of, The
Zahava, Irene Lesbian Love Stories
Queer/Off the Binary
Blanton, David Queer Notions
Blanton, David Queer Notions
Dyer, Richard Culture of Queers, The
van Pileup, Minnie Quotable Queer, The
Swan, Rebecca Assume Nothing
Bogaert, Anthony F. Understanding Asexuality
Gay Fiction
Abbott, Steve Holy Terror
Ahern, John Brandy Wine
Aitken, Graeme 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous
Aitken, Will Terre Haute
Aldrich, Robert Gay Life and Culture
Allan, James Growing Up Gay
Allan, James Growing Up Gay
Arnold, Catherine Lost Time
Baker, Paul Hello Sailor
Bargar, Gary W. What Happened to Mr. Foster?
Barr, James Other Than a Man
Barett, Robert G. Davo's Little Something
Baum, Vicki Mustard Seed, The
Beadle, Jeremy Doing Business
Bechard, Margaret If It Doesn't Kill You
Behr, Mark Embrace
Beehre, Mark Men Alone - Men Together
Belloc, Denis Neons
Benetar, Stephen Man On the Bridge, The
Benderson, Bruce User
Berendt, John Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil
Bergman, David Gaity Transfigured
Bess, Clayton Mayday Rampage, The
Besson, Philippe In the Absence of Men
Paul Binding Kingfisher Weather
Birkett, Stephen Ulster Alien
Black, Jeff Extra Credit
Borgman, C. F. River Road
Bosch, Art Boy's Town
Bram, Christopher Hold Tight
Brass, Perry Harvest, The
Brickell, Chris Mates & Lovers
Brown, Howard Familiar Faces, Hidden Lives
Buchanan, Jeff Sucking Feijoas
Burroughs, William S. Wild Boys, The
Busi, Aldo Seminar on Youth
Camiha, Adolfo Bom-Crioulo
Carlin, Norah Roots of Gay Oppression, The
Cart, Michael My Father's Scar
Chambers, Aidan Dance on My Grave
Cheever, John Wapshot Chronicle, The
Cheever, John Wapshot Scandal, The
Cheever, John Oh What a Paradise It Seems
Childress, Alice Those Other People
Clark, Don Loving Someone Gay
Conigrave, Timothy Holding the Man
Cooper, Denis Fry
Coriolan, John Christy Dancing
Courage, James Young Have Some Secrets, The
Crutcher, Chris Athletic Shorts
Cuadros, Gil City of God
Culver, Ed Kept Boy
Cumming, Alan Tommy's Tale
Curzon, Daniel Revolt of the Perverts, The
Curzon, Daniel Misadventures of Tim McPick
D'Allesandro, Sam Zombie Pit, The
van Dantzig, Rudi For a Lost Soldier
Demme, Jonathan Philadelphia
Davis, Christopher Valley of the Shadow
Davis, Christopher Joseph and the Old Man
Davis, Deborah My Brother Has AIDS
Dessaix, Robert Corfu
Diaman, N. A.  Fourth Wall, The
Diaman, N. A. Ed Dean is Queer
Diaman, N. A. Reunion
Dickson, Jack Free Form
van Dijk, Lutz Damned Strong Love
Downs, Alan Velvet Rage, The
Dollimore, Jonathan Sexual Dissidence
Dorian Will Self
Drummond, William Victim
Duplechan, Larry Tangled Up in Blue
Duplechan, Larry Eight Days a Week
Durber, Dean Johnny, Come Home
Dustan, Guillaume In My Room
Dugan, Michael No Other Way
Duffy, Stella Wavewalker
Dymmoch, Michael Allen Man Who Understood Cats, The
Eben, Laurence Shadow Game
Ecker, B. A. Independence Day
Elliot, Summer Locke Fairyland
Everton, Ian Alienation
Feinberg, David B. Spontaneous Combustion
Ferro, Robert Blue Star, The
Ferro, Robert Second Son
Findley, Thomas Spadework
Finnegan, Brian Quare Fellas
Flannigan, Jim Don the Burp
Foreman, Martin Weekend
Foreman, Martin Butterfly's Wing, The
Forster, E. M. Longest Journey
Forster, E. M. Maurice
Fox, John Boys on the Rocks, The
Fricke, Aaron Reflections of a Rock Lobster
Frost, Richard Brain and Body
Fry, Stephen Moab is my Washpot
Gale, Patrick Rough Music
Gale, Patrick Little Bits of Baby
Gannett, Lewis Living One, The
Gantos, Jack Desire Lines
Gearing, Nigel Emerging Tribe
Gearing, Nigel Emerging Tribe
Genet, Jean Querelle of Brest
Genet, Jean Querelle
Gilbert, W. Stephen Spiked
Ginsberg, Allen Gay Sunshine Interview
Gluck, Robert Jack the Modernist
Gordon, Jack HMS Submission
Gould, Andre Summer's Exile, A
Grimsley, Jim Dream Boy
Gurganus, Allan Plays Well With Others
Hall, Richard Butterscotch Prince, The
Hansen, Joseph Pretty Boy Dead
Hansen, Joseph Steps Going Down
Hartinger, Brent Geography Club
Harve, Ron Men Working
Henderson, William Native
Hermitt, Urban Flow Chronicles, The
Highsmith, Patricia Boy Who Followed Ripley, The
Hill, Susan Strange Meeting
Himes, Chester Cast the First Stone
Hitman, T. Hardball
Hoggart, Richard W. H. Auden
Holleran, Andrew Nights in Aruba
Holleran, Andrew Dancer From the Dance
Hollinghurst, Alan Spell, The
Hopcke, Robert Jung, Jungians & Homosexuality
Horden, James Lost to View
Hunt, Chris Honey and the Sting
Hunt, Chris Mignon
Hunt, Chris Street Lavender
Hunt, Chris Thornapple
Hunt, Chris Gaveston
Hunt, David Magician's Tale, The
Hunter, M. S. Final Bell, The
Huxley, Aldous Eyeless In Gaza
Ireland, Timothy Novice, The
Ireland, Timothy Time to Burn, A
Jackson, Peter A. Intrinsic Quality of Skin, The
Jenkins, A. M. Breaking Boxes
Johnson, Greg Pagan Babies
Johnson, Steve Final Atonement
Johnson, Toby Secret Matter
Johnson, Toby Getting Life In Perspective
Kavanagh, Dan Putting the Boot Int
Keegan, Mel Ice, Wind and Fire
Keegan, Mel Storm Tide
Keegan, Mel Equinox
Keenan, Joe Blue Heaven
Kent, Drew Days in the Sun
Kerr, M. E. "Hello," I Lied
Ketchum, Liza Blue Coyote
King, Francis Ash on an Old Man's Sleeve
King, Francis Domestic Animal, A
Kluger, Steve Changing Pitches
Knox, Elizabeth Vintner's Luck
Kraus, Krandall President's Son, The
Lahr, John Prick Up Your Ears
Lardo, Vincent Prince and the Pretender, The
Larson, Rodger What I Know Now
Leddick, David My Worst Date
Leitch, Maurice Liberty Lad, The
Lennon, Tom When Love Comes to Town
Leventhal, Stan Mountain Climbing in Sheridan Square
Leventhal, Stan Fault Lines
Levey, Michael Tempting Fate
Lewis, Stephen Cowboy Blues
Light, Tenebris Three Rainbows
Lock, Samuel As Luck Would Have It
Logan, Greg This Universe of Men
McCartney Moore, Robert Surprising Rise of Luke Vanner, The
McClain, Ellen Jaffe No Big Deal
McCormack, Derek Dark Rides
McDonald, Anthony Adam
McGhee, Peter Boys Like Us
McMahan Somewhere in the Night
McMullen, Richie Enchanted Youth
McMullen, Richie Enchanted Boy
Macdonald, J. H. Free World, The
Macdonald, J. H. Free World, The
Mackenzie, Compton Thin Ice
MacNeill, Ian Beaches and Billabongs
Magrs, Paul Strange Boy
Mann, Kaus Pious Dance, The
Martin, Kenneth Billy's Brother
Maugham, Robin Enemy
Maupin, Armistead Night Listener, The
Merrick, Gordon One For the Gods
Merrick, Gordon Quirk, The
Merrick, Gordon Perfect Freedom
Merrick, Gordon Measure of Madness, A
Michaels, Grant Body to Die For, A
Miller, Marcus Carry On, Charlie
Mishima, Yukio Confessions of a Mask
Mitchell, Larry Terminal Bar, The
Monette, Paul Gold Diggers, The
Moore, Oscar Matter of Life and Sex, A
Mordden, Ethan Venice Adriana, The
Mordden, Ethan Buddies
Mordden, Ethan Everybody Loves You
Mosca, Frank All-American Boys
Mrabet, Mohammed Love With a Few Hairs
Murdoch, Royal Disrobing, The
Musil, Robert Young Torless
Nava, Michael Golden Boy
Nava, Michael Little Death, The
Newman, Mike Secret Buddies
Olsen, Joseph Night Swimmer
O'Malley, Donovan Lemon Gulch
O'Neill, Jamie At Swim, Two Boys
Orton, Joe Head to Toe
Paglia, Camille Sex, Art, and American Culture
Patrick, John Boys of Spring, The
Patrick, John Deadly Minuet
Patrick, John Angel II: Stacy's Story
Picano, Felice Book of Lies
Piercy, Rohase Coward Does It With a Kiss, The
Preston, John Franny: The Queen of Provincetown
Preston, John Sweer Dreams
Preston, John Golden Years
Preston, John Deadly Lies
Preston, John Stolen Moments
Preston, John Lethal Silence
Provenzano, Jim Pins
Proulx, Annie Brokeback Mountain
Purdy, James Narrow
Quinn, Jay Rebel Yell 2
Raftery, Roger Pink Triangle, The
Raul, K. B. Naked to the Night
Raven, Simon Feathers of Death, The
Rechy, John Sexual Outlaw, The
Reid, Forrest Retreat, The
Reinhart, Robert C. History of Shadows, A
Reed, Gary Pryor Rendering
Rees, David House That Moved, The
Rees, Geoffrey Sex With Strangers
Rees, David Out of the Winter Gardens
Rees, David Hunger, The
Renault, Mary Last of thhe Wine, The
Rhodes, Robert Nonstop Neurotic Cabaret
Robb, Peter M
Robins, Peter Our Herd Has Bad Breath
Robins, Peter Easy Stages
Robins, Peter Survivors
Robinson, Jack Teardrops on My Drum
Rodi, Robert Birdcage, The
Rodi, Robert Closet Case
Ronan, Frank Handsome Men Are Slightly Sunburnt
Ronan, Frank Lovely
Sakers, Don Lucky In Love
Sakers, Don Act Well Your Part
Sanchez, Alex Rainbow Boys
Sanchez, Alex So Hard to Say
Sanchez, Alex Rainbow Road
Sargeson, Frank Hangover, The
Savage, Dan Kid, The
Schmidt, Joel Hadrian
Schmidt, Michael Colonist, The
Scott, Lukas Hot on the Trail
Seabrook, Mike Full Circle
Seabrook, Mike Unnatural Relations
Selvadurai, Shyam Funny Boy
Shaw, Aiden Brutal
Shaw, Aiden Wasted
Shaw, Tom That Day at the Quarry
Shurin, Aaron Door, A
Siegel, Stanley Uncharted Lives
Sitkin, Patricia Alexandros Expedition, The
Soehnlein, K. M. World of Normal Boys, The
Solomon, Andrew Stone Boat, A
Staszek Three-Hand Jaz and Other Spells
Stevenson, Richard Death Trick
Stevenson, Richard Shock to the System
Stevens, Samuel Sammy
Stewart, Angus  Sandel
Sturgis, Margaret Danny
Summers, Claude J. Gay Fictions
Sutcliffe, William New Boy
Symons, Scott Helmet of Flesh
Tarvin, William Saint of Sodomy, The
Taylor, William Jerome
Thorn, L. D. Master Knot, The
Thorogood, Stuart Outside In
Ure, Jean Play Nimrod for Him
Ure, Jean Other Side of the Fence, The
Vanden, Dirk All Or Nothing
Vass, Alex Gay Sex, Gay Health
Vidal, Gore Washington, D. C.
Vidal, Gore Myra Breckinridge
Vilmure, Daniel Toby's Lie
Vine, Barbara No Night is Too Long
Voight, Cynthia David and Jonathan
Voight, Cynthia David and Jonathan
Walker, Kate Peter
Wallens, Scott Week 2: Exposed
Warren, Nell Patricia Front Runner, The
Warren, Nell Patricia Harlan's Race
Watson, Scott Platonic Love
Watmough, David Year of Fears, The
Waugh, Evelyn Brideshead Revisited
Weldon, John Lee Memory Touches Memory
Wells, Peter Dangerous Desires
Weltner, Peter Identity & Difference
Wening, Gerald Firestorm
White, Edmund Forgetting Elena
White, Edmund Farewell Symphony, The
Worth, Heather Gay Men, Sex & HIV in New Zealand
Wright, Bil Sunday You Learn How to Box
Yeo, Robin All Boys Together
Zimler, Richard Unholy Ghosts

'Queer' is a term used to describe the many variations of sexual attraction and sex/gender identity, including intersex, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, asexual, fa'afafine, takatapui, lesbian, bisexual and gay. Although it may not be the preferred term for everyone, it is used to challenge binary representations of sexuality, sex, and gender.