Queer Resources

Part of the work of Queer Support is to provide the University of Otago and the Otago Polytechnic with queer inclusive educational resources and opportunities for professional development. Check them out below:

Reports & Strategies
A survey of University of Otago students commissioned by the Otago University Students’ Association (OUSA) has revealed that harassment is experienced by one in four students who identify as lesbian/gay/ takatāpui, bisexual/pansexual, trans, asexual, questioning and/or queer(LGBTAQ). Click here for the media release

"Campus climate for students with diverse sexual orientations and/ or gender identities as the University of Otago, Aotearoa New Zealand". Download the full survey [PDF]

How Safe and Inclusive are Otago Secondary Schools? Download our report [PDF]

Dunedin Diversity Strategy: Download the [PDF]


Want us to come and talk to your school/ class/ group? We run a Queer Awareness Workshop for anywhere a need for increased awareness of diversity is identified. We can come to you and will tailor our workshops to your needs. We also run workshops in our Student Support Centre. Interested? Email q.support@ousa.org.nz 

'Coming out' resources and sexual health info
Queer Support has a range of coming out resources and the latest safe sex info (for same sex/trans sexual health) as well as lots of free condoms and lube.

Queer Support Library
The OUSA Student Support Centre has hundreds of queer DVDs and books which are FREE to borrow so come check them out!

Online Resources

  • http://curious.org.nz/ : This Website is run by an organisation called Rainbow Youth, which is a group based up in Auckland for the LGBTQI Community. It is simplistic, and great with regards to Youth as that is the target audience it works with. It has a comic explaining the different spectrums of Sexual Identity and Gender Identity, as well as links to WTF and Rainbow Youth itself. It is a good site to see what Events are coming up in your area for the Community is, as well as seeing who you can network with and find support. 
  • http://www.tranzgear.com/ Tranz Gear is a group of trans* people and supporters dedicated to providing cheap items essential to the day to day living of transgender people throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world. If you are under 25, live in NZ and struggling to afford a binder you can apply to Tranz Gear to receive a binder for only $5.
  • https://www.facebook.com/alphabetsoupdunedin: This is a place for young LGBTQ* people in the Dunedin community to connect and gain support. Aimed at 12-18 year olds.
  • http://www.facebook.com/groups/253517424750537/?ref=ts&fref=ts & http://southtransnz.wix.com/southtransnz : The first is a Facebook page that is for the support of the Trans Community in New Zealand. It has support networks and a link to its’ home website, which is the second link shown. It also has contact information, should you need to make an appointment.
  • http://www.rainbowyouth.org.nz/ : An Auckland based Website for Queer Youth in New Zealand. The site has links to sites, such as Youthline, so that Youth can have a network or someone they can talk to. Ads about safe sex and training are also on the site. It is focussed on being a support site for Queer Youth (mainly), and has useful information about the Queer Community. The site also has a link for those who are 18-27 years old.
  • http://community.pflag.org/Page.aspx?pid=194&srcid=-2 : PFLAG is a good website to go to if you feel like finding resources on helping the Queer Community, either as a Straight Alliance person, or as a fellow person of the Community. It holds material, advise, viewpoints and social issues that are facing the LGBTQI and it is aimed for the Family and Friends of a Queer person and aims at being a support network too. This organisation was started in the 1970s by a woman wanting to support her son. (She has since passed away – and was just recently honoured by President Obama for her work with the LGBT Community in the USA, making her the second to be honoured for doing so). 
  • http://www.outline.org.nz/ : Beware the Home page of this site as it likes to move a lot (Probably due to the picture), even when you’re not scrolling and that can get annoying. With that being said, the site provides contact details if you need someone to talk to, particularly if you are struggling with your sexual identity, or are contemplating coming out, regards of where you are at, they are available for you to talk to them about your situation. Their contact details are on the website.
  • http://www.genderbridge.org/ : The Auckland based Website is good for those who are from the Transgender Community. It has advice on if you’re considering going through a change, or if you just questioning it. It also has advice, should you need to seek legal aid, and what your rights are. Another feature of the website is finding support, by phone, online or if you’d like to see someone in person. As well as have lists of possible events that are coming up.
  • http://www.gaynz.com : Gay NZ is basically a News Website, with a focus on the Queer Community. It covers a range of News Topics from Local/National News, to Global News. It also has an Events page, a Blog, Travel (under the Business Label). There are quite a few interesting articles on the site, and if you were interesting in finding that potential someone special, they also have a dating tab.
  • http://gaynz.net.nz/ : Not to be confused with gaynz.com, gaynz.net.nz is a website that more or less just combines all the links for other websites for known resources and links to Rainbow Travel. There are tabs on the side of the page that may lead you to another webpage, and there are also links at the very bottom that are recommended sites to go to. I am not sure if it is because the site is new, (or old), but a few of the pages do not work properly and will come up with a Not Found page.
  • http://www.rainbowwellington.org.nz/ : A Wellington based website that covers a range of issues, and news articles that is centred on the Queer Community. It also has an events page (for Wellington only), that could be of interest to people. It also has a gallery from previous events, contact details and a chance to book your own events on the page (just in Wellington).
  • http://www.outtakes.org.nz/ : Are you a fan of films? Then this site is for you. It has a range of Genres of films as well as ‘Queer Film’ (their words) News. The only unfortunate thing, is that if you are not living in Auckland or Wellington, it may be problematic to try and attend this Reel Queer Film Festival.
  • http://www.gayexpress.co.nz/ : A online News/Magazine that brings you the news and event news from New Zealand and around the World. It has a few categories to choose from and also has a subscription page, should you wish to be old school and actually receive the magazine itself.
  • http://www.rainbowtourism.com/ : This site is pretty much what its’ namesake is. Travel for the ‘Rainbow’ Community. So if you’d like to travel and would like to get a general travel ideas and advice, then this site is for you.
  • http://www.pinkpagesnet.com/ : Is a site that is run by Rainbow Tourism and has more or less similar information on Tourism.
  • http://www.gaytravel.net.nz/ : Similar to Rainbow Tourism, this site provides travel destinations to places in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia and French Polynesia. Other International destinations will send you to Rainbow Tourism’s webpage. On the left hand side of the page, are more options and tabs for specific travel queries. 
  • http://www.qna.net.nz/ : This site, is another simple, News Webpage for the Queer Community. It takes a bit of navigating, but is quite informative.
  • http://www.loveyourcondom.co.nz/ : a website on safe sex, provides information on keeping safe if deciding to have sex and/or be sexual active. It has resources, Q&A’s, tips and free condoms.

'Queer' is a term used to describe the many variations of sexual attraction and sex/gender identity, including intersex, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, asexual, fa'afafine, takatapui, lesbian, bisexual and gay. Although it may not be the preferred term for everyone, it is used to challenge binary representations of sexuality, sex, and gender.