One of the hardest things about being a student is finding healthy, warm, well-maintained, affordable housing close to campus. It's like looking at a massive venn diagram where on the one hand you might have a warm affordable flat but it's in Brockville, or you have a flat right in the heart of Castle St but there are large things living in the ceiling (possibly last years tenants?) and a permanent draft whistling through the rooms.

Rate My Flat is a means of giving future tenants the lowdown on what to expect if they choose to move into a rated flat - it's helping out future students (in fact, helping out any future tenant) know what they're getting in to, and acts as a means of calling out landlords who are not keeping their flats up to scratch and giving massive props to the landlords who are doing right by their tenants!

Keen to participate? Head to and dish the dirt on your living situation! The good, the bad, the ugly - we want to know!