OUSA 2015 Student Executive Elections
+ 2014 International Officer By-Election: Nominations are in!

The Otago University Students’ Association declares the following as nominees for the Executive Elections


Henri Faulkner

Henri Faulkner

Why hello there, my name is Henri Faulkner. I am a third-year Microbiology and as something which seems to be rare over the history of OUSA, I am a science student who wishes to become OUSA president. By being a local of Dunedin I have bared witness to the changes that have been made of scarfy culture in the last 15 years. Despite the majority of changes introduced by Vice Chancellor Harlene Hayne being understandable many of these wounds still run deep including statements from the DCC such as the introduction of surveillance cameras into student residential areas and the current proposed changes to alcohol legislation are stepping well over the line. They have clearly lost respect for the value students bring to Dunedin, something that I plan to rectify.

Beyond this I will focus on increasing the level of participation in sport/physical activities among students and improve students’ knowledge of how to make better use of Unipol. With obesity being such an issue for modern culture it is essential that Otago students stay fit and healthy, both mentally and physically so that we can enjoy the amazing years spent together here.

Gaining a brighter student future with us all.

Nominated by: Andrew Brinsley-Pirie
Seconded by: Alex Poulin


Paul Hunt

Paul Hunt

Hey all, my name is Paul Hunt and I am seeking your vote to be OUSA President.  My overriding priority is to improve what is already New Zealand’s best student culture and increase our sense of community.

Large social events like Hyde Street and Orientation celebrate scarfie culture.   I want to ensure these events are accessible to all.  I have led OUSA’s opposition to DCC proposals that would make bars less accessible. With Gardies, Cook and Monkey gone we need more social venues, not fewer.

OUSA should be more active in your communities. I support more direct funding for campus groups such as social causes, volunteer groups, faculty clubs, sports teams and international clubs. Campus groups generate political discussion, perform volunteer work, represent Otago and provide support networks. The individual pursuits you choose to engage in should be supported by OUSA.

The whole OUSA executive determines OUSA’s direction.  Consultation, communication and taking on board others’ ideas are key parts of the President’s role. As a former club President, SOULS exec member and current OUSA finance officer, I have leadership experience in a variety of student groups.

OUSA is ultimately funded by you through University fees. I am focused on providing the services you want and focusing on the issues you care about. Vote Paul Hunt for an OUSA that works for you.

Nominated by: Alice Sowry
Seconded by: Taotao Li


Isaac Yu

Hey guys I'm Isaac Yu. I'm a second year English and History double major, and as a resident of Hyde Street I'm here to ask you something. Are you sick of being crammed into Capone on aThursday night because Mack's is full? Are you sick of the continued removal of scarfie bars? Are you sick of the DCC continuing to discriminate against students? Dunedin is a student city above all else, and that is what is at threat. As your vice president I will advocate our right to make our own choices, and to enjoy our time here.

Nominated by: Dylan Baker
Seconded by: Henri Faulkner



Nina Harrap

Greetings ladles and gentlespoons, my name’s Nina and I’d like to be your Finance Officer for 2015. Although I’m not studying Finance (Philosophy major, don’t judge) I’ve got experience in executive matters, having sat on the Executive Council and the Board of Trustees in high school, and I’m confident that I’m up to the task. If elected, I plan to work closely with the other members of the Exec to ensure that OUSA’s funds are allocated so as to best help all Otago students, with a focus on student welfare issues. Vote Nina for responsible and considered leadership in 2015.

Nominated by: Alexia Cochrane
Seconded by: Paul Hunt


Alexia Cochrane

Hi, I’m Alexia. I have spent my first year at Otago studying at the College of Education. As your Education Officer, I would want to improve relations between OUSA and the university so that issues can be solved as promptly as they may arise. I would want to work on the class representative system as I think there is a lot of potential to increase engagement with students.  Education is what we are here for and I'm here to make it the best education you could have!!

Nominated by: Shannon Hollard
Seconded by: Sam Johnson

Greer Mahoney

‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world’-Nelson Mandela

I’m Greer a Med student here at Otago, I believe to excel as an Education Officer you need three bones:

- A wish bone
- A back bone
- Most importantly a funny bone

I have all three. A wish bone because I believe that Otago Uni should not only be world renowned for its exceptional research but even more so for its teaching. The backbone coz I have the guts and motivation to get shit done and, well, you can’t be a smart cookie if you have a crumbly attitude – that’s where the funny bone comes in. I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade ... and try to find someone who’s life has given them vodka and have a party.

Work Hard, Play Hard Vote Greer

Nominated by: Elizabeth Berryman
Seconded by: Adele Macgregor


Taylor-Jane Cox

Hey Guys!

I am in my third year, majoring in Psychology and excited to be running this year for Welfare Officer!

Being actively involved with charities such as Youthline has motivated me to do more, as there are so many people struggling out there who need extra support. I want to see better accessibility and more awareness of welfare services.

We need strong, approachable and effective people on the exec. People that are actually going to make visible changes for the better- and that is what you will get if you vote for me.

Nominated by: Gary Gin
Seconded by: George Robinson

Payal Ramritu

Hi, I’m Payal and I’d love continue being your Welfare Officer in 2015.

After being elected as Welfare Officer in July, I have already achieved:
- Hump Day Help giveaways
- Planned an amazing Women’s Week
- Actively supported OUSA Free Breakfast
- Ran the awesome puppy room
- Planned the 2014 Great Southern Drag Off
- Taken on responsibilities of OUSA International Officer to help run the International Cultural and Gala Nights

In 2015, as Welfare Officer I will:
- Work with Student Health to improve services offered
- Get more microwaves on campus
- Continue to be accessible to students
- Ensure student welfare will be a priority

Vote for continued action. Vote Payal.

Nominated by: Jonathan Martin
Seconded by: Daniel Benson-Guiu


Claire Mitchell

Hello postgrads! My name is Claire Mitchell and I’m running for the position of OUSA Postgraduate Officer for 2015. I am currently in my fourth year studying Clinical Psychology. It will be a priority of mine to ensure that the voices of postgrads at Otago are well heard at the executive table, and that you can get involved in some fun events from time to time in between your studies! Being well informed on issues that current postgrads face, I will work hard to put the right plans into action for the benefit of Otago’s postgrad students.

Nominated by: Laura Thompson
Seconded by: Paul Hunt


There were no nominations


Henry Napier

Hey, I’m Henry Napier and I want to be your 2015 Campaigns Officer!

I’m a great guy with great chat and I’d make a sick OUSA exec. I will be the voice you scarfies have so long desired.

I’m currently a second year student studying Law and Politics (fitting). If you vote for me for Campaigns Officer you will not regret it.

One day I’ll be running New Zealand, but for now I’d just like to help run OUSA. Help a brother out.

PS, my campaigns will be better than my blurb. Get amongst it #TeamHenry

Nominated by: Kieran Metherell
Seconded by: John Gordon

Alice Sowry

Hi everyone, I’m Alice Sowry, and I’m in my third year of studying Law, Politics, and French. From Kiwihosting on Castle Street to getting involved in Unicrew and the Student Leadership Award, I’ve had an awesome time making the most of my student experience at Otago and want to contribute more through being Campaigns Officer in 2015!

The Campaigns role is a great opportunity to ensure OUSA initiatives are engaging and relevant to students. I’m keen to get more clubs and societies involved in running events during OUSA campaigns. OUSA should also use its voice on campus to make students aware of the extra-curricular opportunities available to them. We have a great range of activities on campus that help people make friends, develop skills and boost their CVs, and I will work hard to ensure everyone knows about these opportunities. Vote Alice for great ideas and well-organised campaigns!

Nominated by: Ella Borrie
Seconded by: Lochiel McKellar


Jonny Martin

Less talk, more action. My policies:

• More vans and transport
• More grants
• More Memorandums of Understanding
• More classes
• Refocus OUSA on recreation and societies
• Campus community events
• Poster recycling

If you want someone who talks less BS, and actually gets things done: vote Jonny Martin!

Nominated by: Emmet Maclaurin
Seconded by: Payal Ramritu

Matt Ross

I’m Matt and I want to be your Recreation Officer for 2015! I’m 23 years old, I major in finance and accounting and I’ve lived in Otago for over 14 years. I’ve got a variety of hobbies outside of university that includes the usual stuff like sports, working out, video games and hanging out with mates. However I like to take my extra-curricular to the next level by organising and managing bar events, sports teams, university clubs, tournaments, meet ups and more. I’ve got the experience AND the passion that makes me the best vote for Recreation Officer!

Nominated by: Ethan Smith
Seconded by: Henri Faulkner


Alex Gregory

Hi I’m Alex. For many of us our first time away from home is spent in a Hall of Residence. As Colleges’ Officer, I want that formative first year away from home to be top notch.

I am keen to:

- Survey and represent students’ views on Colleges’ policy especially with regards to alcohol and mental health and wellbeing.
- Advocate within reason for a continued diversity of the Hall of Residence experience in the face of perceived homogenisation.
- Support OUSA’s role in advising on individuals’ situations on Colleges and Flatting.
- Foster clubs and societies recruitment and engagement with first year students.

Nominated by: Jess Wu
Seconded by: Finnegan Miles-Hussey

Anton Hovius

The vast majority people reading this won’t give much of a shit what happens in the halls next year. Fair enough. But hear me out.

Halls sound like paradise; a home away from home – where you’re treated like an adult; can come and go as you please and learn some independence … but they’re not. When all $170 of your accommodation costs get you booted out at 9pm, the same meals every week, and forbid you to watch Bi-Curious George in the comfort of your own room, something’s wrong. Halls are expensive and sure as hell aren’t your parents – so for the fresher within you and the freshers to come please vote.

Nominated by: Nina Harrap
Seconded by: Claire Mitchell

Taotao Li

Hello Scarfies,
Colleges Officer should be about hearing the voices of every fresher that lives at Halls. Having lived at Knox College for two years, I feel strongly about the policies that affect residents. Policies at Halls are becoming more draconian. Instead of prioritizing the health and safety of students, drunk vulnerable first years are being kicked out onto the streets at early hours and rules like only 4 people allowed in a room are actually law. The generous sum that is paid towards these places should make halls a place to experience freedom away from home- not a prison in a private boarding school.
Advocacy for students would be my priority along with helping to organise many inter hall events.
Vote Taotao to hear a fresher’s voice.

Nominated by: Alice Sowry
Seconded by: Paul Hunt

Jess McLean

Hi guys! I’m Jess, your current Colleges Officer.

I’ve enjoyed meeting many of you during OUSA’s election enrolment drive.

Being on OUSA this semester was amazing and has given me so many ideas going into 2015.

Following on from my current term I will:
- Continue to evaluate sexual assault policies in halls
- Put on an awesome intercollege event in first semester
- And my main focus: Promote OUSA, Student Support and the Recreation Centre to hall students

Many first years couldn’t direct you to the recreation centre after a year of living here.

I want to change that.

Vote Yes for Jess

Nominated by: Mairead O’Neill
Seconded by: Lena Plaksina

Joel McManus

I’m running for Colleges Officer to make sure every student gets the absolute most out of their first year at Otago.  A vote for me will mean someone working for:

- More Inter-Hall events, and the establishment of a year-long sports/arts Cup.
- Less restrictive alcohol & internet rules.  Students are responsible adults, and deserve to be able to make their own choices.
- Increased awareness & uptake of student support counseling.

I’ve lived in a hall for 2 years and know what issues to tackle as your Colleges Officer. I’ll be a dedicated, approachable and committed member of the Executive team.

Nominated by: Jarred Griffiths
Seconded by: Daniel Janes

By Election for International Student Officer for 2014

Eric Lim Thiam Aik

Having been the President of the Otago Malaysian Students Association (OMSA) in 2013, I believe in the potential of the international community here in Otago. What is my vision as your International Student Officer?

Community, diversity, and unity.

To see diverse cultures come together as one: that is my aim.

I want to be the voice of our international community in Otago.

I am Eric Lim. And I want to represent YOU.

So, vote for me!

Nominated by: Kamil Saifuddin
Seconded by: Caroline Shie

The OUSA Secretary declares the election campaign open.  May the candidates participate in a fair and competitive election and may they and all the voters have much enjoyment along the way. 

The Returning Officer for these elections is Tamara Polglase.  She will be responsible for overseeing the campaigning and the voting.  She can be contacted on returningofficer@ousa.org.nz

The Elections will be held from 9am 22 September and finish at 4pm 25 September 2014.  The results will be announced anytime from 5.00pm in the Refuel Bar near the Main Common Room.

Good luck to you all.

Read the OUSA Budget from the 2015 Organisational Plan as at 11/09/14

Online Referenda and Student Forums

Online referenda are one of the many ways you can have your say through OUSA. Whether it's about university policy or a wider issue, you can change OUSA's stance.

Online referenda are used to guide OUSA policy; it's a direct online vote allowing every University of Otago student to have their say.

Student forums provide an opportunity for students to discuss the questions that will be in the Online Referenda. You can also submit your own questions/motions for online referenda. For example, if you think OUSA should support or oppose the Stadium, you can submit a referendum question so that students can have a say.

How to Move a motion
For more information contact secretary@ousa.org.nz or refer to the OUSA Constitution.


OUSA July By-Election: Results!

Voting was from 9am on Tuesday the 15th of July until 4pm on Thursday the 17th July 2014 for the OUSA Executive, Finance, Welfare and Colleges Officer By-election.

Results are as follows:

Finance Officer



Paul Hunt



Ricky Daniel-Nield



No confidence in these candidates







Welfare Officer



Payal Ramritu



Michaela Corlet



No confidence in these candidates







Colleges Officer



Jess McLean



No confidence in these candidates







May 2014 Referendum Results

Thanks to all students who took the time to be a part of this referendum. To see a full response from the association please see the media release here.

The results of the OUSA Referendum held on the 27-29 May 2014 are as follows:


Should the following be adopted as OUSA External Policy?
“That OUSA believes in guaranteed student representation on University governance boards and committees, and as such actively opposes the Education Amendment Bill (No 2), 2014”

  Yes: 90%
No: 10%
Vote Count: 1340

Should the following be adopted as OUSA External Policy? “That OUSA supports the removal of Goods and Services Tax (GST) from fruit and vegetables”.

  Yes: 86%
No: 14 %
Vote Count: 1379
  Should the following be adopted as OUSA External Policy?
“That OUSA support the move to a Universal Student Allowance.”
  Yes: 78%
No: 22%
Vote Count: 1369
  Should the OUSA Executive investigate the establishment of a student bar?

  Yes: 71%
No: 29%
Vote Count: 1379

Should the following be adopted as OUSA External Policy?
“That OUSA supports the legalisation of Marijuana following the ban on all existing synthetic cannabis products.”

  Yes: 48%
No: 52%
Vote Count: 1358

Should the Otago University Students’ Association Annual Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2013 be received and accepted?    

  Yes: 96%
No: 4%
Vote Count: 1337
  Should the Otago University Students’ Association Annual Report for 2013 be received and accepted?         Yes: 94%
No: 6%
Vote Count: 1335
  Should PricewaterhouseCoopers be appointed as Auditors for the Otago University Students’ Association for 2014?     
  Yes: 88%
No: 12%
Vote Count: 1324
  Should Anderson Lloyd be appointed as Honorary Solicitors for the Otago University Students’ Association for 2014?     
  Yes: 91%
No: 9%
Vote Count: 1322

Should Donna Jones’s appointment as Secretary of the Association for a further four (4) years be ratified, pursuant to the executive resolution sc47/14?   

  Yes: 85%
No: 15%
Vote Count: 1323