2016 OUSA Executive Election

The OUSA elections are coming up! It’s time to start considering if you want to be a part of the best students’ association in the universe. Here’s the low down on student politics and representation at Otago.

Who and what is OUSA?
OUSA does a HUGE variety of stuff for and with students. From running massive events like Ori, to small events like market days and so much in between! We have the OUSA Rec centre that provides free breakfast, supports over 120 clubs, runs recreation courses and hosts facilities like the sauna, courses and study rooms. The Student Support Centre provides advocacy, a food bank, looks after volunteers and hosts the Queer Support Coordinator. We also own Radio One and Critic magazine.

What about the executive? Who are they, what do they do?
The Exec is a group of 11 elected student representatives who govern OUSA. That means they oversee what OUSA does, advocate on student issues and decide how and where to allocate resources.

What’s in it for me?

• Being an Executive member means you will be able to make a difference – whether that is a change in policy, a campaign or project which you have spearheaded and carried out, or being involved in the university’s decision making through committees.

• OUSA operates as a family, and the Executive are no exception to this. For better or for worse your fellow Executive members will be there to help out through thick and thin as you are all united in the same overarching goal to make a difference and help students.

• Being on the cutting edge – Executive members, as uni students, are able to bring a whole new perspective when approaching issues and can be incredibly important in making big decisions that impact students. Executive members are also instrumental in keeping the OUSA up to date with how they interact with students.

• You learn a lot about yourself – your strengths and your limitations by being thrust into a leadership position and through the experiences you have volunteering and working with students. A lot of valuable training and practical experience that can help you in the future.

What roles are there and what do they involve?
You can check out all the executive positions here - click on each exec member for a description of what their position entails. You can also download the full job description document here.

Nominations Process
Nominations are open 8-15 September 2015, 9am until 4pm. Watch this space for all the info on the nomination process!

Key Dates:

• Nominations are open 8-15 September 2015, 9am until 4pm.

• Candidates Forums: 1pm, 22nd and 25th September in the MCR.  The Presidential Forum will be at 5.30pm on the 24th September in Burns I. It will be brought to you by Poppa’s Pizza with FREE pizza provided.

• Voting is by electronic means only from Monday the 21st of September at 9am, to Wednesday the 30th of September at 4pm. There will at static polling booth in the link area opposite the Archway Shop from 10am to 2pm each day and on the last day from 10am to 4pm.

Online Referendum Results: 25-28 May 2015








Should the Otago University Students’ Association Annual Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2014 be received and accepted?







Should the Otago University Students’ Association Annual Report for 2014 be received and accepted?







Should PricewaterhouseCoopers be appointed as Auditors for the Otago University Students’ Association for 2015?







Should Anderson Lloyd be appointed as Honorary Solicitors for the Otago University Students’ Association for 2015?







Relevant documents for download:

> Explanatory notes for May 2015 Referendum
> OUSA Financial Statement for 2014
> 2014 President’s Annual Report

Online Referenda and Student Forums

Online referenda are one of the many ways you can have your say through OUSA. Whether it's about university policy or a wider issue, you can change OUSA's stance.

Online referenda are used to guide OUSA policy; it's a direct online vote allowing every University of Otago student to have their say.

Student forums provide an opportunity for students to discuss the questions that will be in the Online Referenda. You can also submit your own questions/motions for online referenda. For example, if you think OUSA should support or oppose the Stadium, you can submit a referendum question so that students can have a say.

How to Move a motion
For more information contact secretary@ousa.org.nz or refer to the OUSA Constitution.


April 2015 By-Election - Education and Campaigns - RESULTS

Please note that these results are provisional pending the expiration of the period in which candidates may appeal decisions of the Returning Officer during the voting period.


Education Officer


Zachariah Roy Al-Alami


Laura Harris


Anton Hovius


No confidence in these candidates





Campaigns Portfolio Executive Officer


Nick Findlay


Sean Gamble


Henry Napier


No confidence in these candidates