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The student executive is constantly advocating on behalf of students and getting involved on Campus and around Dunedin - check in here to see what's been happening recently!

29 July 2016 - Enrol to vote!

By now you should have received a letter at your flat advising you of your requirement to enrol to be a voter. If you require more information on this, it can be found over at the Electoral Commission’s website:

It’s really important you meet your legal requirement to enrol to vote under the Electoral Act 1993. If you’re not correctly enrolled you can be fined up to $100.

We’ll be giving out some cool prizes to those who enrol to be voters. These include:

• Shouting pizza for your flat
• OUSA Executive members cleaning your flat
• Free access to our sauna and squash courts
• Music passes

These elections matter to students. The Dunedin City Council decides on how long bars and clubs are open for, whether or not North Dunedin is a liquor ban area, how often rubbish and recycling are collected, and whether or not some student events receive funding.

Across the community older Dunedin folk will be casting their vote for the representatives they want on Council. Your voice matters as much as theirs. Let’s make sure student voices are heard. The first step to that is making sure you are enrolled at your Dunedin address. Drop off an enrolment form at one of our receptions at either the Main Office or the Clubs and Societies Centre, and then leave it with them to go into the draw for prizes.

17 February 2016 - Residential Tenancies Act Submission

Check out Sean (your Campaigns Officer) and Bryn (your Welfare Officer) in front of the Beehive today!

They're heading in to make an oral submission about the proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act - arguing for more clarity and higher standards for heating, ventilation and all round better houses for students!

All the best fellas!

>> Download a copy of the submission here

>> More information about the proposed changes here