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18th November 2013


Francisco Hernandez (Chair), Zac Gawn, Nick Tenci, Ruby Sycamore-Smith, Blake Luff, Gianna Leoni, Rachael Davidson and Keir Russell

Darel Hall (General Manager), Zane Pocock (Critic Editor), Sam Clark (Critic Reporter) and Donna Jones (Minute Secretary)

Moved from the Chair
Sc60/13 THAT Blake Luff, Gianna Leoni, Rachael Davidson and Keir Russell be co-opted onto the Standing Committee for the duration of this meeting.

Jordan Taylor
Ruby Sycamore-Smith for lateness

Sc61/13 THAT the above apologies be accepted.

Darel wished it to be noted he left this meeting as he had a prior engagement.

Sc62/13 THAT the minutes of the standing committee meeting held on 4 November 2013 be accepted as a true and correct record with the above amendment.
Ruby arrived at 12.40pm

Fire and Circus Club Loan - it was reported that this loan has been paid back in full.

Moved from the Chair
Sc63/13 THAT Darel Hall, Donna Jones, Sam Clark and Zane Pocock be granted speaking rights for the duration of the meeting.

In addition to this report there had been a substantial water leak in the Recreation Centre Building where a hose had been left running for hours causing water to run through the building. The contractors have dealt with it and reported that there isn't any permanent damage.
There is progress on the leasing of the Doc's Coffee space and the details will be announced shortly. The Executive hoped there would be Fair Trade products sold in keeping with our Fair Trade University.

It was asked why the total revenue for the month was $309,002 compared to budgeted revenue of $420,522? Darel explained it related to timing, interest being down and Events revenue being down.

sc64/13 THAT the General Manager's October Operational Report be received.

As this request (attached) is an exception it was thought to be appropriate to bring it to this forum.

The Club Development Officer is requesting a carry-forward of the remaining balance from the New Zealand University Games and the University Games.

University Sport New Zealand is currently in limbo and the likelihood of any New Zealand University wide competition not happening until 2015 therefore creating a gap in local sporting organisation's participating in events, OUSA in conjunction with local sporting organisation's would like to investigate the options of sending teams to the East Australian University Games. Similarly, OUSA are also working towards hosting an inter-University tournament.

James Grubb stated any carry-forward balance will contribute significantly and ensure KPI's for University Sport will be met under the University of Otago Service Level Agreement.

Sc65/13 THAT the Otago University Students' Association Executive authorize $14,500.00 to be carried forward to the 2014 New Zealand University Games Budget, total balance from the existing 2013 New Zealand University Games and 2013 New Zealand University Games Organising Budgets.
As attached - The British High Commission along with the Dunedin City Council is hosting a reception for the Queen's Baton Relay in Dunedin on 30 November. The Executive are invited to this evening function. Each to rsvp to them directly please.

Ruby explained some International Students are here over the holiday break for summer school or they can't afford to go home. She had been liaising with the International Office and the Chaplaincy Office about getting some Christmas gift packs for them. It was agreed to make up about 50 packs and include information about what is on in Dunedin and around Otago during the holidays.

The Student Support Centre should be kept informed of this venture.

Sc66/13 THAT OUSA allocate up to $500 towards Student Christmas Gift Packs from the Welfare line.
Moved from the Chair
Sc67/13 THAT the meeting move into Committee of the Whole for reasons of commercial sensitivity at 12.51pm

Sc68/13 THAT the meeting move out of Committee of the Whole at 2pm

At the NZUSA Conference held in Wellington last weekend the voting was held for the 2014 President of NZUSA and the National Women's Rights Officer.

There was a clear breach of the OUSA constitution and rules by delegates, Jordan Taylor, Nick Tenci and Sam Allen that caused discontent within the executive.

The Executive also expressed strongly their disapproval of Sam Allen's involvement in the voting process considering she isn't an elected executive member on OUSA. The Executive request a conference call or Skype be had with Sam to explain her part in this decision.

Nick Tenci has apologised strongly for his actions and the outcome, especially the affect it had on Francisco which wasn't his intention.

Sc69/13 THAT the OUSA Executive impose the following sanctions on Nick Tenci, Finance Officer for his part in breaching the OUSA Constitution and Rules (section 7.6 All Resolutions of the Executive and all acts done will be binding upon all the members of the Executive whether present at any such meeting or not and upon all the property and assets of the Association unless a Resolution is illegal or contrary of these Rules) in respect to a Standing Committee Meeting of the Executive held on 10 November 2013, motion sc59/13.
1. Censure
2. Forbid him from any external representation on behalf of OUSA until after 31 December 2013
3. His fortnightly honorarium payments be reduced by half as from 10 November 2013 until 31 December 2013.
Against: Gawn
Abstain: Sycamore-Smith

Sc70/13 THAT OUSA acknowledge the apology and explanation by Nick Tenci, Finance Officer pertaining to the breach of the OUSA Constitution and Rules section 7.6 in respect to motion sc59/13.of a Standing Committee Meeting of the Executive held on 10 November 2013

A discussion took place about a vote of no confidence in these executive members as a consequence, however this idea was dismissed owing to technical issues.

Jordan Taylor will asked to attend a meeting later in the week to so as the executive can hear his explanation.

Next Meeting scheduled for 4pm on Wednesday 20 November 2013 at the Student Support Centre.

Gazebo Lounge - Fran attended a University Union Limited meeting and discussion took place about the Gazebo Lounge being used for an extra food outlet for Colleges and not being available for functions. He said the conversation was positive and he would report back on further developments.

Service Level Agreement
Moved from the Chair
Sc71/13 THAT the meeting move into committee of the whole for reasons of commercial sensitivity at 2.05pm

Sc72/13 THAT the meeting move out of committee of the whole at 2.09pm

Executive Job Descriptions - please get any amendments or ideas to your job description to Zac before the end of the week.

Meeting closed at 2.12pm