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16th March 2015


Paul Hunt (Chair), Payal Ramritu, Greer Mahoney, Nina Harrap, Alice Sowry, Jonathan Martin, Claire Mitchell and Taotao Li
Josie Cochrane (Critic Editor), Laura Munro (Critic News), Debbie Downs (OUSA CEO) and Bronwyn Horner (Minute Secretary)
Deinda Stanway
Moved from the Chair
94/15 THAT the above apologies be accepted.
95/15 THAT Paul Hunt be elected as the Chairperson.
Moved from the Chair
96/15 THAT the minutes of the Executive Meeting held on 9 March 2015 be accepted as a true and correct record CARRIED U
Executive wellbeing and performance – time spent doing Exec work be totalled and accounted for at Exec meetings from now on. Executive members are to succinctly summarise a) how many hours they have worked the prior week b) what they spent their time on and c) one strength and weakness of their work in the recent week.
Executive overall are operating at a score of 6/10. More informal meetings will be held between executive members.
The President has submitted a proposal to Academic Services regarding abolishment of exam free days. OUSA has reservations to the original proposal and concerned it will reduce study time. OUSA might be willing to change its position if statistical information can demonstrate there will be a significant reduction in double exam days.
NZUSA payment as discussed at previous meetings
Moved from the Chair
97/15 THAT OUSA seeks to reallocate the $22,500 second half of year NZUSA payment to a more beneficial purpose for Otago students.
The DCC are yet to release the local alcohol policy. OUSA would strongly urge the DCC to pass policy which encourages people to consume alcohol in environments where there is a) supervision b) legal obligations on the servers of alcohol and c) entertainment or activities are present. Policies which drive people away from bars will only increase alcohol related harm as it consumed in unregulated environments, contravening the purpose (harm minimisation) of the Sale and Supply Alcohol Act 2012-the Act which enables local alcohol policies.
Minutes from Committees tabled, all are to be sent to Isaac – no issues arose from these minutes. The minutes tabled were a) Financial and Expenditure Committee b) Policy Committee (x2) c) Welfare Committee.
The President reminded the executive that committees are where the hard work necessary to be effective governor occurs. They might be dry, dull and boring, however without them, little progress is made on significant issues.
Volunteers Co-ordinator, Laura Harris is against the request from NZUSA President, Rory McCourt to attend the Hyde Street Party as he is not trained sufficiently to assist the Are You Ok volunteers. Moreover, and most important, is that the number of people who can attend the event are limited. Thousands of people are unable to purchase tickets to Hyde Street, so it seems incredibly unfair to give one person privileged access.
There will be a 1pm meeting with Rory McCourt (NZUSA President) on Wednesday 18 March 2015
Moved from the Chair
98/15 THAT OUSA agrees for the student media to be present at the NZUSA meeting on 18 March 2015
Isaac has organised the Executive volunteers for this party.
First event is on 29 March 2015
A draft constitution that both parties are happy with has been drawn up – this is still to be confirmed. Pro-Life is happy to delay the final decision till next week.
Membership of VSA was briefly discussed with the President in favour of renewing the annual subscription. Exec members are to consider this before next meeting when a vote will be taken. The President encouraged exec members to research the issue themselves so they could make an informed decision.

Debbie highlighted the following:
• Debbie has met with University staff regarding usage of advertising bollards, the University has requested information of usage, and this will lead to a formal process which the Exec will be informed of in due course.
Exec round the table of week’s events

Meeting closed at 5:47pm