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4th April 2016



Laura Harris (Chair), Jarred Griffiths, Jesse Hall, Alexia Cochrane, Bryn Jenkins, Sean Gamble, Will Guy and Rachel Goh


Debbie Downs (Chief Executive Officer), Hugh Baird (Critic Editor), Dan Hendra (Events Manager), Jerome Cousins (Events Co-ordinator), Emma Anderson (Events Co-ordinator), Luke Matsopoulos (Events Co-ordinator), Oli Cameron (Events Co-ordinator) and Esther Maihi (Minute Secretary)


Bayden Harris, Mariana Te Pou, Rob Pomare

Moved from the Chair

90/16   THAT the above apologies be accepted.



Moved from the Chair

91/16   THAT Debbie Downs, Hugh Baird, Dan Hendra, Jerome Cousins, Emma Anderson, Luke Matsopoulos, Oli Cameron and Esther Maihi be granted speaking rights for the duration of this meeting.



It was agreed the minutes of 31 March 2016 will be tabled until the next meeting for clarification and corrections


Moved from the Chair

92/16   THAT the order of business be altered to enable Sean to speak to his items and leave. Items 11 and 12 moved up to item 5.


            Bayden Harris arrived at 12.25pm


The Events team were invited to the meeting to discuss the Dunedin Craft Beer and Food Festival with the Executive. The Executive put forward questions in relation to students and how the festival can best benefit them. Points of interests raised by the Executive included OUSA branding, marketing to raise student attendance and awareness, and putting education systems in place to encourage safe drinking.

Dan outlined the history of the event, the success it has achieved so far and the positive outcomes of hosting it. These positive outcomes included profits from the event that could be funnelled back into the association for future ventures beneficial to students. Projection for this year suggests a higher return than previous years.

Luke said another benefit of hosting the festival is increased positive public relations with national stakeholders, vendors and businesses, who have been excited to participate and have reciprocated by offering discounted/free goods and services to OUSA throughout other times of the academic year.

The Executive raised concerns relating to the students association holding an alcohol centric event and how we can best utilise it to benefit students. Suggestions were made to hold educative workshops to encourage safe drinking, a safe drinking emphasis in our pamphlets and marketing. Another suggestion was to increase marketing focus to post-graduates as they are less inclined to our other main events such as Orientation and Hyde Street.

The Events team reported positive feedback from the police and St John from the previous festivals held, in that low intoxication and good behaviour was observed from attendees. Security guards and advanced payment technology utilised by OUSA ensured the events were well controlled.

The Events team and the Executive will continue to maintain communication for any improvements that could be made to the festival.

Dan Hendra, Emma Anderson, Luke Matsopoulos, Oli Cameron and Jerome Cousins left the meeting at 12.43pm

24 Hour Study Centre

A 24 hour study space is to be made available from 1-14 June 2016, excluding Queens Birthday. Further details to come.

Bottle Buy Back

The Bottle Buy Back event will take place on 21 April 2016. The Volunteer Centre are getting on board to help run the event. Further details to come.

Hugh Baird left the meeting at 12.41pm

Health and Safety Workshop

A workshop will be organised for the executive to attend and will be run by Andrea McMillan – University Health and Safety Coordinator.

Policy Committee – Motions on Notice

Moved from the Chair

93/16   THAT due to an administration error this item is to be tabled until the next meeting.


Sean Gamble left the meeting at 12.51pm

Planning Club Constitution and Affiliation

A clause has been found by a club in which if a club is dissolved the remaining funds can be dispersed to its members. In usual cases when an affiliated club is dissolved the funds from the defunct clubs are either absorbed by similar clubs or the money is put aside to offer as grants for eligible students.

Moved from the Chair

94/16   THAT item 7 be tabled pending further amendments


Malaysian Bersatu Games

A budget was proposed to the Executive to request funding for their club. The Executive would like to see them come back with a specific event for funding preferably held on campus. Funds will be raised from the Malaysian Night Market event being held 3 July 2016.

Moved from the Chair

95/16 THAT Rachel will go back to the club and request a breakdown of expenditure.


International Committee Meeting Minutes

The International Sports Day event is being held at Logan Park on 16-17 April 2016.

Moved from the Chair

96/16 THAT the International Committee Meeting Minutes be accepted as true and correct.


Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement was received late last year, it has been to lawyers and changes have been made. A meeting was held with the University last month regarding intent. We must be consulted if the University want to provide services we already provide. The changes we have requested have gone through.

The University recognises the agreement event though the Service Level Agreement was not signed yet however payment will go ahead. We are hoping to have it signed by the University as soon as possible.

Meeting closed at 1.31pm