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9th May 2016



Laura Harris (Chair), Jarred Griffiths, Bryn Jenkins, Jess Hall, Alexia Cochrane, William Guy, Sean Gamble, Bayden Harris, and Rachel Goh


Debbie Downs (Chief Executive Officer), Esther Maihi (Minute Secretary) Hugh Baird (Critic Editor) and Henry Napier (Critic Reporter)


Mariana Te Pou and Rob Pomare

Moved from the Chair

157/16THAT the above apologies be accepted.



Moved from the Chair

158/16 THAT Debbie Downs and Esther Maihi be granted speaking rights for the duration of this meeting.



Moved from the Chair

159/16 THAT the minutes of the executive meeting held on 28 April 2016 be accepted as a true and correct record.



Jesse relayed to the executive that the auditors would be looking through the information provided to them by OUSA and that the auditors would advise via letter if anything looked out of place.

Moved from the Chair

160/16 THAT the OUSA Annual Audited Financial Statements for the year ending 31 December 2015 be received and accepted.



An insightful report. Acknowledged that the Colleges Officer was accidently missed off the report.

Moved from the Chair

161/16 THAT the OUSA Annual Report for 2015 be received and accepted.



Moved from the Chair

162/16 THAT the proposed Constitutional changes be received and accepted and presented to the student body in the Referendum being held 16 – 19 May 2016.       

Should the following administrative/general changes be made to OUSA’s Constitution?

  1. That Logan Somer Edgar’s and Jonathan Keith Rowes’ names be replaced with “Laura Mary Harris” and “Jarred Regan Griffiths”

  2. That all references to “General Manager” be replaced with “Chief Executive Officer”

  3. That the Māori interpretation of OUSA in section 1.1 of be updated to read “Te Rōpū Tauira o te Whare Wānanga o Ōtākou.”

  4. That the underscore be deleted from section 15.4 of the Constitution

  5. That section 23.10 of the Constitution be deleted

  6. That all references to the “Executive” and “President” in section 36 of the Constitution be amended to read “Returning Officer”

  7. That the reference to “the Executive” in 39.5 of the Constitution be replaced with “Secretary”. 



 Should the following changes be made to the conduct/execution of referendums under OUSA’s constitution and renumbered accordingly?

  1. That section 19.2 of the Constitution be deleted as it’s a duplication, and all subsequent sections be renumbered accordingly        

  2. That section 19.3 be amended to include 19.3c “This explanatory document will also be made available to members of the Association during the voting period.”

  3. That “resolve to either put the question to referendum or” be deleted from section 19.15 of the Constitution


Should section 23.7 of the constitution be amended to read?

23.7        At the commencement of each year, but before any Student General Meetings or Referenda are held, the Executive may alter the budget set by the Student Body the preceding year, provided that:

a.               the sum of the absolute values of all alterations made to individual budget lines does not exceed five (5) percent of Total Budgeted Expenditure;

b.               the remuneration of Executive Officers is not altered from the budget set by the Student Body the previous year, and;

c.              the sum of the absolute values of all alterations made to individual budget lines does not exceed the total amount of the last set budget.


Should section 35.1 and 35.2 of the constitution be amended, and all following sections renumbered accordingly?

35.1        The Executive will set a period to hold elections preceding the year in which the next Executive is to hold office:

a.              in the second semester of each year, and;

b.              within one (1) weeks of the day and month the election was held in the preceding year.

35.2        If the Returning Officer rules that circumstances surrounding the proposed election period would have an extremely substantial impact on students’ ability to vote in that election, they can change the set period of the election. This change will not affect the date of the election in the subsequent year.

Should section 36.3 of the constitution be amended to read, and the following sections be renumbered accordingly?

36.3        All nominations must be in writing, and are effective after they are:

a.              made and signed by the nominee and two (2) other members, or;

b.              made and signed by three (3) members, and subsequently consented to by the nominee before the closing of the nomination period.

Should section 37.2 of the Constitution be amended, and all sections renumbered accordingly?

37.2        The voting period will not exceed seven (7) days.

Should section 38.4, 38.6 of the Constitution be amended, and all sections renumbered accordingly?

38.4        At the closing of nominations, the Secretary will immediately provide the Returning Officer a list of names of the members duly nominated for each office.

38.6        In the performance of these duties, the returning Officer can require the assistance of the Association’s relevant communications, events and volunteer staff.



Referendum Budget – The main focus for this year is to increase voting numbers. Figures from last year’s referendum showed an average of 500 – 600 student voters. The budget is to be focused on marketing to reach more of the student body, this year’s design has a stylized 80’s “Exercise your rights” theme. A full page 2016 Referendum advertisement is to appear in two editions of Critic Magazine. The costs associated with the Second Referendum for 2016 are to be pooled in with the elections costs.

Moved from the Chair

163/16 THAT the budget for this referendum be accepted.


            Meeting closed at 12.18pm