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8th August 2016



Laura Harris (Chair), Jarred Griffiths, Bryn Jenkins, William Guy, Bayden Harris, Alexia Cochrane, Rachel Goh and Marianna Te Pou


Tony Ballantyne (Humanities Division Pro Vice Chancellor), Debbie Downs (Chief Executive Officer), Hugh Baird (Critic Editor), Joe Higham (Critic Reporter) and Donna Jones (Minute Secretary)


Sean Gamble, Jesse Hall, and Rob Pomare

Mariana Te Pou for lateness

Moved from the Chair

273/16 THAT the above apologies be accepted.



Moved from the Chair

274/16 THAT Tony Ballantyne, Debbie Downs, Hugh Baird, Joe Higham and Donna Jones be granted speaking rights for the duration of this meeting.




275/16 THAT the minutes of the executive meeting held on 29 July 2016 be accepted as a true and correct record.



Mr Ballantyne was invited to address the meeting to inform the executive about the university as it reviews and restructures its humanities division.

He said they will start management of change processes within Anthropology and Archaeology, English and Linguistics, History (with change also probable in Art History), Languages and Cultures and Music.

The university is currently meeting with people who work in all the affected departments outlining the process for change.

He is committed to preserving the university’s status as a “diverse and comprehensive humanities division”. However, there will be changes and they are about cutting costs and saving money.

There has been a loss of students because of severe financial difficulties.  In 2011 there was 5905 students and now there are 4750.  A 20% drop.

The income stream has significantly decreased.

There are two key principles he said. “Balance the costs – there will be changes in semester two next year” and the other fundamental principle is the division will offer an assurance that the student doing a course will be able to complete it.  For those of the majority of courses there will be no changes at all.

Mr Ballantyne said he has given Critic a statement.

Mr Ballantyne has been consulting with Laura on the changes and principles and will keep OUSA informed.  He has been open and honest with students, staff and the public. 

There was concern expressed about the affect this is having on staff morale and hopes they are being supported.

Rachel Goh expressed her concern about the recent increase in International Student fees of which many are Humanities students.

Mr Ballantyne was thanked for coming and he left the meeting.


Thus far there have been 750 enrolment forms back in.  This issue of Critic is excellent with a pull-out enrolment in the centre fold with good advertising on the covers.

The 12 August at noon is the final day that students can enrol. 

The drive with letterbox drops, college visits and generally encouraging students to enrol has been extraordinarily successful Jarred said.

It was asked if the Elections Sub-committee meeting minutes could be attached to the executive agenda to keep everyone informed and give a good overview.  Jarred informed the Executive that the most recent meeting of the sub-committee was cancelled due to snow. 



276/16 THAT Shinead Williams de Bique and Francis Bradley be appointed to the Education Committee for 2016.



Jarred informed the meeting that the Policy Committee had been working on a draft elections policy.  This will split the policy into procedures, and separate election rules for candidates to help simplify things.

He will send out a draft copy soon for discussion after the Policy Committee on Friday.  Can you please supply Jarred with feedback?



As attached.  William explained the affiliations were incomplete, some didn’t hold an AGM and information like ‘names’ should be replaced with ‘officers’ etc was incorrect on the forms so this would be deferred until the next meeting.

Mariana arrived at 5.13pm


As attached. The minutes attached are correct however the overview document has a couple of typos so William will have this corrected and resent to the Secretary.


277/16 THAT the minutes of the Grants round held on 29 July 2016 be received and the recommendations be approved.

  • Otago University Tennis Association $1565.00

  • University of Otago Cycling Club $1000.00

  • Brunei Students Association $460.00

  • Muslim University Students Association $1000.00

  • Lacrosse/OULAX $1000.00

  • Student Christian Movement $1000.00

  • Flag Football $800.00

  • Dunedin Ultimate Disc $1000.00

  • Otago Dance Association $1000.00

  • Animals, Aquatic Plants & Ecological Society $300.00

  • Snow Sports $ 750.00

  • Otago University Hockey Club $1044.00

  • Otago University Men’s Basketball $1000.00

  • OUSA Futsal Club $1000.00

  • Sri Lankan Students Association $500.00

  • Otago Korean Students Association $1000.00

  • ATOM $860.00

  • Kimberley Dainty $500.00

  • Katherine Lockton $200.00

  • Katelyn Thorn $500.00

  • Davina Waddy $750.00

  • Scout Barbour-Evans $238.00

  • Isaac McDonald $750.00

  • David Wang $250.00

  • Maddi McLean $250.00

  • Nicholas Adams $40.00

  • Isksun Cho $40.00

  • Zac Hewlett     $40.00

  • Reegan Lastovicka $40.00

  • David Van Der Hulst $40.00

  • Conor Armstrong $40.00

  • Shannen Wright $40.00






278/16 THAT the meeting move into Committee of the Whole for reasons of Commercial Sensitivity at 5.20pm           


Moved from the Chair

279/16 THAT the meeting move out of Committee of the Whole at 5.25pm



Cultural Carnival – this was a successful event.  Rachel and her team did a great job.  She wished to thank those who assisted especially Mariana Te Pou.

OUSA elections – promotions are underway.  A video has been made of 2 past Presidents as part of the promotion. This will be shown on our social media soon.

There is an information evening set for 22 August to talk about the roles and invite interest.  It would be great if the executive could be available to talk to students.

Katrina will be asked to send a marketing plan to the Executive at their request to know what is going on. Donna will follow this up.

Alexia raised an idea to have a quiz/flowchart to assist people in deciding which positions they may be suitable to run for.  Alexia to follow-up with Katrina.

Postgraduate booth – Mariana is setting up a PG area in the Link at the University information day from 10-2pm.

Art Week – next week is the opening of OUSA’s Art Week.  There will be a Thursdays in Black theme from the executive during this week.  A doodle poll has been set up for the executive to assist with this so please sign up.

Meeting Closed at 5.30pm