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13th March 2017


Hugh Baird (Chair), William Guy, Cody Kirby, Bryn Jenkins, Caitlin Barlow-Groome, James Heath, Pou Templeton, Lucy Northwood, Eden Iati and Danielle Pope

Debbie Downs (Chief Executive Officer), Joe Higham (Critic Deputy Editor), Donna Jones (Minute Secretary) and Tariana Jones (Observer)
Max Chan
Danielle Pope for lateness
Moved from the Chair
71/17 THAT the above apologies be accepted.
Moved from the Chair
72/17 THAT Debbie Downs, Joe Higham and Donna Jones be granted speaking rights for the duration of this meeting.

James Heath was omitted from motion 65/17
Moved from the Chair
73/17 THAT the minutes of the executive meeting held on 6 March 2017 be accepted as a true and correct record with the above amendment.

There was an incident recently that went through the University Vault system involving an OUSA van. There were no injuries but Debbie asked for all staff to be aware of the speed limit of 10kph on campus and to be very careful of pedestrians when driving around campus.
There will be a notice in the morning report tomorrow and Debbie will be bringing it up at the next Managers'meeting.
Can Health and Safety be a standard item at all executive meetings?

Could the full minutes of the Grants meeting including explanations please be provided to the executive?
It was asked why the 11 individual grant applications below were declined.
Caitlin explained the grants criteria is preferable to give to teams and their team had been granted $1,000.
New Individual Grant Applications
Laura Thomas DECLINED
Emma Hopcroft DECLINED
Olivia Waldron DECLINED
Zahra Shahtahmasebi DECLINED
Caitlyn George DECLINED
Islay Fowler DECLINED
Zoe Whatarau DECLINED
Jekope Maiono DECLINED
Isabelle Condon DECLINED
Georgia Mason DECLINED
Margaret Nelson DECLINED

74/17 THAT the grants recommendations below from the meeting held on 2 March
2017 be approved.
Iranian Students Association $57.75
Student Life $1000.00
Seafarers $1000.00
Cycling $750.00
Lacrosse $800.00
DCMFY $550.00
Men's Basketball $1000.00
Campus Christians $800.00
Chess Club $523.50

75/17 THAT ACT on Campus be affiliated to OUSA
There needs to be a greater clarity when students are signing up to an affiliated club on clubs day, whether it is in the capacity of becoming a member or simply joining an email list.

76/17 THAT the Secretary be directed to call a Referendum from 9am 29 May 2017 and close at 4pm on 31 May 2017.
77/17 THAT the Referendum to be held from 9am 29 May 2017 until 4pm 31 May 2017 be held by electronic means only.

University of Otago Operational Health and Safety Committee - William said this committee values student input and feedback so please don't hesitate to let William know.
The speed bump opposite the clubs and societies building across to the library is being used as a pedestrian crossing. This is causing issues. William will take it to the Health and Safety Committee.
One of the newly painted 3D pedestrian crossings on Clyde Street is causing confusion as it doesn't have white lines and pedestrians are confused as to whether it is a crossing or not.
It was also agreed the Executive should have health and safety training this year as last year's session was valuable.
Moved from the Chair
78/17 THAT the University of Otago Operational Health and Safety Committee report dated 28 February 2017 and 8 March 2017 be received.

79/17 THAT Eden Iati, Danielle Pope and Bokyong Mun be appointed to the Policy Committee (PolCom) for 2017.

Hugh wanted to bring this topic for discussion owing to it being National Election year and the Executive would like to assist with political parties coming to the University Campus to inform students. There needs to be a fair and managed process to ensure OUSA is treating each party the same with no bias.
We would like to encourage parties to come and speak to students so we will advertise the name of the political party who is coming on Facebook.
Eden will organise any forums. There is to be no OUSA advertising in or around the forums. There will be assigned Executive official channels to approach any political party.
OUSA clubs and societies to be asked to be mindful of using any OUSA logos on their posters or advertising during this phase. Support a policy - not a party.
Hugh has an NZUSA meeting soon so he will get clarity if they are going to support any particular party.
This Friday the Chief Electoral Officer is coming to the University of Otago so we can ask who is running in the elections.
The closing date for nominations is 29 August for the elections on 23 September.
Hugh will draw up some clear guidelines and bring the document to the next executive meeting.

Danielle arrived at 4.34pm
Hugh would like the Executive to run an event focusing on a Health and Wellness Day mental well-being awareness. The date talked about was 29 April however it was suggested we combine this with the Health and Well being Day on 4 May. Hugh will talk to those concerned.
Danielle advised she has a list of good things happening for students on 4 May and has a design brief for marketing and communications for 1 April deadline.
• Massage at the school of physiotherapy
• Many giveaways
• Some random acts of kindness planned
• Stall around the University
• Zuu yoga
• Indoor bowls and perhaps ping pong
• Lucy will get the postgraduate students involved

Danielle Pope invited questions after submitting her reports.
Moved from the Chair
80/17 THAT the Otago Tertiary Chaplaincy Trust Board meeting of 9/2/17, 9/3/17 and 10/3/17, the Division of Sciences Academic Board held on 13/2/17 and Standing Committee of the Division of Sciences Academic Board held on 3/3/17 and the Ethical Behaviour Committee held on 9/3/17 reports be received.

Hyde Street Party - some of the executive will assist with running this event, some have volunteered to work on RU OK team. Please advise if you are attending are attending in the capacity of an Executive Officer.
81/17 THAT the meeting move into Committee of the Whole for reasons of commercial sensitivity at 4.48pm.
82/17 THAT the meeting move out of Committee of the Whole at 4.55pm.

Te Roopu Maori AGM – reminder you are all invited to attend this meeting tomorrow at 5.30pm in the Centre of Innovation.
Relay for Life – time for the Executive to come up with the creative ways to fundraise for this event coming up next month. James Heath offered to shave his head. We could have cooking demonstrations and bake sales were suggested.
The Vice Chancellor/Exec meet and greet – this went well last week. The excess of glass in the north Dunedin area was discussed and Cody asked if the executive could take an initiative on this.
Hugh has had brief informal discussions with liquor outlet owners - there were positive incentives discussed. He mentioned the Tertiary Precinct Working Group are working on it.

Meeting closed at 5.07pm