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July 5th 2010

The proposed new executive structure was hotly debated and agreement reached. A referendum on two questions was agreed, and the questions set. OUSA has told NZUSA "we are unhappy with you".


Harriet Geoghegan (Chair), Stephanie Reader, Walker MacMurdo, Travis Monk, Ariana Te Wake, Shonelle Eastwood, Ros Mackenzie, Art Kojarunchitt, Dan Stride and James Meager

Donna Jones (Minute Secretary)

Moved from the Chair
sc 120/10 THAT Walker MacMurdo, Travis Monk, Ariana Te Wake, Shonelle Eastwood, Ros Mackenzie, Art Kojarunchitt and Dan Stride be co-opted onto the Standing Committee of the Executive for the duration of this meeting.

Claire Jackson

Moved from the Chair
sc 121/10 THAT the above apology be accepted.

Art Kojarunchitt was present.

Moved from the Chair
sc 122/10 THAT the minutes of the Standing Committee of the Executive held on 29 June 2010 be accepted as a true and correct record with the above amendment.

Post-graduate Representation and Voting
After Travis Monk liaised with his post graduate constituents, there was an overwhelming response to maintain the status quo; although some indicated they would be happy that a student who had already graduated and was completing another degree could perhaps stand for election.

International Student Representation and Voting
From the International Students' perspective: they indicated to Art Kojarunchitt they wanted to retain the election rule that the International Students' Representative must be an International Student.
Affiliated Bodies Representation
OUSA affiliated bodies have stated to Dan Stride they would prefer a designated person on the executive to be elected to represent them. The Clubs and Societies have had representation for many years and this should be maintained they said.

It was mentioned again that the new proposed Committee Structure would ensure all demographics are looked after.

A change would alter the dynamics of the executive and would make them more accountable.

Harriet had printed out and emailed to all executive prior to the meeting all the proposed constitutional changes that would follow if the structure was changed. There had been a lot of work spent on them over the weekend with Harriet, James and Dan.

It was noted that there will be a major overhaul of job descriptions next year.

Once again it was suggested the committee members be given some form of incentive. Someone suggested asking for a reduction in levy payments for them in the future.

sc 123/10 THAT an Executive Officer be responsible for representing the interests of OUSA affiliated bodies.
Abstain: 1
James arrived at 4.43pm

sc 124/10 THAT Donna Jones be granted speaking rights for the duration of this meeting.
sc 125/10 THAT OUSA hold a binding referendum - Should the Executive be reduced in size to comprise of: a President, an Administrative Vice President, a Finance officer, an Education Officer, a Welfare officer, five General Executive Officers (one representing postgraduate students, one representing international students and one representing affiliated bodies), and the Te Roopu Maori President ex officio to take effect from January 1 2011?, from midnight (12.01am) 19 July 2010 and close at 4pm on 22 July 2010.

sc 126/10 THAT the OUSA binding referendum on the Executive Structure from midnight (12.01am) 19 July 2010 closing at 4pm 22 July 2010 be by electronic means only.
sc 127/10 THAT Donna Jones be the Returning Officer for the binding referendum.
'Background Statement'
The OUSA Governance Structure review Working Party has prepared a report 'Greater Representation and More Effective Governance for the Future' which can be found on the OUSA website. Feedback suggests that the size of the Executive is too large and some of the roles convoluted. To address this and encourage greater relevance, inclusiveness of the student body and accountability of the Executive it is proposed to reform the Executive governance structure by reducing the core, elected executive to 10 positions: a President, an Administrative Vice President, a Finance officer, an Education Officer, a Welfare officer, five General Executive Officers (one representing postgraduate students and one representing international students), and the Te Roopu Maori President ex officio. The General portfolio positions will be set by the executive in the Job Description Policy to increase flexibility of job descriptions and allow the executive to be responsive to new issues. The general portfolios will be assigned by internal policy (which is decided by the executive) and must be assigned before the commencement of the year (i.e. shortly after elections) on the recommendation of the executive in office at the time.
These 10 positions would be directed by expanded and formalised sub committees: the Welfare, Education and Postgraduate committees in particular would have a larger network of representatives that are appointed to represent all sectors of the student community. The executive would be required to consider the advice of sub committees where authority has been delegated on the topic (e.g. educational issues delegated to the Education Committee. The reporting policy will be rewritten to increase the accountability of the executive and the appointed committee representatives.
The terms of reference, job descriptions and other associated policies to support these changes can be found on the OUSA website.
If the reform is approved there will be consequential changes to OUSA's constitution which can be found on the OUSA website.

Online SGMS
'Background Statement'
Over the years OUSA has received a huge amount of criticism of the Student General Meeting process. It is perceived to be a very outdated process to govern OUSA, given its growth since the process was established.
The proposed changes would see SGM voting occurring online via referenda, but there would still be a 'Student Forum' required to be held prior to voting opening. This forum would have a minimum of 20 people required to attend and debate the questions put to referenda, and would be filmed and put on the OUSA website on the page that links to the voting page.
The other changes are around how questions are put to the student body. A huge criticism is how easy it is for a niche view to be taken as a majority view through the SGM process. The new system would see the Executive moving a motion to put a question to the student body as the main process to get a question put to the student body. However, any member may request via the secretary that the Executive consider a proposed question. If the executive does not move to put it to the student body, any member may request that the secretary facilitate a petition on the OUSA website. If the petition gets 1% of members supporting a question being put to the student body the Executive would be required to do so.
As each question must be drafted by the Lawyers (to ensure fairness) and the executive are elected to represent the views of students, the proposed changes would ensure that SGMs become more engaging, relevant, responsible and inclusive - in line with strategic objectives.
A policy around logistics will be drafted by the Executive.
If the reform is approved there will be consequential changes to OUSA's constitution which can be found on the OUSA website.

It was suggested that the Archiving Working Party ensure that referendum results are published and a historical record kept.

Walker left at 5.30pm
Ros and Ariana left at 5.32pm
Walker returned at 5.32pm

What is the quorum count going to be when holding a SGM? Most thought 20.

Discussion took place about the 1% threshold to call a referendum. Does this give the Executive too much power?

Art left at 5.36pm
Travis left at 5.39pm
Travis returned at 5.41pm
Walker left at 5.45pm

sc 128/10 THAT OUSA hold a binding referendum - Should Student General Meetings be replaced by an online referendum system as per the recommendations of 'Moving SGMs Online' from midnight (12.01am) 19 July 2010 and close at 4pm 22 July 2010.
Stride: Against

sc 129/10 THAT the OUSA binding referendum regarding Online Student General Meetings (SGMs) from midnight (12.01am) 19 July 2010 and closing at 4pm 22 July 2010 be by electronic means only.

Opting Out/Membership Committee
Should clause 26 of the constitution be revised? There is a requirement to have the opting out of membership from OUSA made clearer. It was decided this needs work and should go to the Policy Committee (PolCom).

As previously discussed OUSA is working with The Proctor and Campus Cop to help mitigate any anticipated damage from the Gardies Pub closure with flyers being printed and distributed around Campus area and each agreed to pay 1/3 each for printing costs.

sc 130/10 THAT $100 be allocated from the Campaigns and Initiatives line for the Gardies Pub Crawl initiative.

Stephanie has been working through the workshops and allocating each executive member with workshops to attend and the timetables. The catering is all under control she said.

Harriet has been in discussion with the Co-Presidents and they have been informed that OUSA is unhappy and wishes to discuss this further at this conference.

Travis left at 5.54pm

The Secretary pointed out that a motion isn't required to appoint a Returning Officer as she makes that appointment.

sc 131/10 THAT motion sc 127/10 be rescinded.

Meeting closed at 5.55pm

Signed: _________________________________ Date: _____________