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August 17th 2010

Meeting Highlights:
Another wide ranging meeting. The recommendations from the Review Panel for the OUSA Recreation Review were discussed and most recommendations accepted. (The recommendations appear by way of formal motions.) Appointees to the Blues Panel were made (Dave Gerrard, Ron Palenski, Joseph Hii), and three options for OUSA Levies for 2011 were discussed.


James Meager (Chair), Harriet Geoghegan, Imogen Roth, Michael Anderson, Ariana Te Wake, Shonelle Eastwood, Ros Mackenzie, Stephanie Reader, David McKelvey, John Philipson, Travis Monk and Claire Jackson

Stephen Alexander (General Manager), Stephen Hall-Jones (Recreation Unit Review Panel Convener), Lesley Paris (Recreation Unit Review Panel), Dan Porter (Recreation Unit Review Panel), Brenden Asplin (2011 Executive Candidate), Julia Hollingsworth (Critic Reporter) and Ross Blanch (Clubs and Societies Manager)

James Meager welcomed the Recreation Review Panel to the meeting and thanked them for coming. He indicated we would deal with the administrative part of the meeting first.

Katie Bryan, Daniel Stride, Art Kojarunchitt and Malia Vete Claire Jackson for lateness

Moved from the Chair
301/10 THAT the above apologies be accepted.


Ariana left when the meeting adjourned

Moved from the Chair
302/10 THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 10 August 2010 be accepted
as a true and correct record with the above amendment.

Unipol visit � The executive wished to express their appreciation to the Unipol staff for their hospitality last week. There was disappointment expressed that the game of Dodge Ball didn�t happen.

John arrived at 4.40pm

Stephen Hall-Jones addressed the meeting to go through the attached Recreation Unit Review Report, emphasise some of the commendations and recommendations, and answer questions.

The Recreation Unit facilities are of a particularly high standard and have been well maintained, it meets the Treaty of Waitangi obligations, has strong working relationships with the University, has encouraged and maintained an extensive range of clubs and societies affiliated to OUSA, fulfills any health and safety requirements in all its courses.
They submitted the review in four main parts -
Some of the recommendations as follows:
� A two tiered system for affiliated clubs and societies
� The current Clubs and Societies Rep be disestablished
� That the sporting Blue be known as the University Blue and be offered the same for the Golds Awards
� That OUSA cease ownership of the Aquatic Centre. This doesn�t fit into the recreation meaning. The long term maintenance of the building is very expensive.
� That OUSA withdraw membership from USNZ. The University Games are being seen more as a social event and not for high performance sports. It is cheaper for non University clubs to go to the University Games.
� OUSA conduct an open process toward prioritising its current services in fight for VSM

James thanked Stephen Hall-Jones for convening this review and his hard work.

303/10 THAT the Recreation Review Panel be thanked for their hard work.

304/10 THAT the OUSA Recreation Unit Review Panel report be received.

Moved from the Chair
305/10 THAT Stephen Alexander be granted speaking rights for the duration of
this meeting.

Earlier there was concern about staff changes being discussed at this forum. Stephen said all reviews have implications on staff. This could have an impact on staff job descriptions; however, it is all manageable.

Travis arrived at 5.21pm

Discussions pursued about accepting all of the review recommendations. It was felt that fuller discussions should be held.
The word reconsiders was omitted from the summary and recommendation number 4, change the word from to in. The Executive should be fully informed of USNZ�s funding of only 180 students to attend the University Games. It is a massive cost for only a few students to attend. The money would be better spent in a higher performance competition at a local level.
The OUSA Aquatic Centre leave OUSA drained of finances to protect this asset. The building is on leasehold land with limited usage.

Ros left at 5.40pm

Did the Recreation Review Panel compare USNZ finances with the
Aquatic Centre? It was decided to revisit recommendation number 8 once all the other concerns have been dealt with.

Ros returned at 5.44pm

Were Clubs and Societies consulted on the two tier model? The review said this model would benefit clubs as it ensure stricter affiliation processes etc and avoid exploitation of the grants process.

Travis left at 5.57pm
Travis returned at 6.00pm
Michael left at 6.00pm

Stephen Alexander said the wording of �cease� in the recommendation is harsh. He agrees with the Aquatic Centre being a huge drain on finances but would not like to see the successful Rowing club being disadvantaged.

Michael returned at 6.02pm
Claire arrived at 6.02pm

306/10 THAT the recommendations 1-7 and 9-23 from the Recreation Review
Panel be accepted.

307/10 THAT a Recreation Committee be created.

308/10 THAT the current Clubs and Societies Representative position be disestablished and that in its place a new Recreation Chair position be created. This latter position would become Chair of the following Committees: Recreation Committee, Blues and Golds Committees and Grants Committee.

309/10 THAT there is more continuity of membership in the Grants committee,
and that this Committee be reduced in size.

310/10 THAT OUSA reconsiders its membership in University Sport New Zealand (USNZ).

311/10 THAT sporting Blues be known as the university of Otago Blues, and that the university be approached to contribute to the Awards.

312/10 THAT in relation to Recommendation 5, the University of Otago also be
offered a similar role with the Golds Awards as that established with the Blues.

313/10 THAT the criteria guiding the decision-making for the awarding of Golds
be better defined, and that the composition of the Golds Panel be reconsidered so that it reflects a wider community involvement.

Recommendation number 8 not accepted.

314/10 THAT the Recreation Unit embrace technology to a greater extent than
has been achieved in the past.

315/10 THAT the Clubs Development Officer (CDO) concentrates resources on
individual clubs and societies only if those clubs and societies have met minimum requirements (within stated deadlines) to remain affiliated.

316/10 THAT following on from recommendation 10. That a two-tier system of
clubs and societies be developed where the top (or established clubs) tier is proved with the full resources of the Recreation Unit and the lower tier (Comprising clubs who have not completed administrative documents with stated deadlines) receives, and are encouraged to use the basic benefits the unit (and OUSA) can offer.

317/10 THAT the grants process be adjusted to recognize the two tier system for clubs and societies.

318/10 THAT to amend the Grants Policy so that the criteria for awarding grants
(both individuals and clubs) is more clearly defined, and to ensure that such changes are enforced and adhered to by the grants panel.

319/10 THAT plans be set in place to build relations with external agents.

320/10 THAT the Recreation Unit facilitates and/or organizes on or more clubs
social events.

321/10 THAT the current process of promoting and organising the two clubs
open days be reconsidered.

322/10 THAT a Training Programme for Tutors be created.

323/10 THAT in light of all recommendations the staff structure of the Clubs and Societies Centre be reconsidered.

324/10 THAT there be more communication and interaction between Clubs
and Societies and OUSA�s main office.

325/10 THAT the Otago University Students� Association conduct an open
process toward prioritizing it current services and facilities within the Recreation Unit in light of Voluntary Union Membership (VSM)

326/10 THAT particular attention be made to include all staff in the decision
making process toward Voluntary Student Membership (VSM); and if issues of staffing need to be addressed (should legislation be passed) that all affected staff be subject to sound process, and provided with ample support, throughout any period of change.

327/10 THAT the Otago University Students� Association analyse current system in place for protecting its main assets so if needed, sound and robust
mechanisms are adhered to in the process of sale of such assets.

328/10 THAT the University of Otago be approached about possible collaborations with the Recreation Unit.

329/10 THAT the role and contribution of Clubs and Societies generally be
considered as important when considering the student experience in its full context

330/10 THAT accordingly, the position of Clubs Development Officer be considered as a very important one within the Recreation Unit.

331/10 THAT OUSA investigates ceasing ownership of the Aquatic Centre in full
consultation with relevant parties.

James will amend the documents.

As per the attached memorandum the Club Development Officer made these recommendations.

Philipson/Te Wake
332/10 THAT David Gerrard be appointed to the Blues Panel for a term not
exceeding 12 months.

Philipson/Te Wake
333/10 THAT Ron Palenski be appointed to the Blues Panel for a term not
exceeding 12 months.

Philipson/Te Wake
334/10 THAT Joseph Hii be appointed to the Blues Panel for a term not
exceeding 12 months.

Imogen left at 6.12pm
Imogen returned at 6.13pm

As the attached memorandum explained the three Levy models are scenarios for the Executive to consider. The General Manager and the Finance and Services Officer have been working closely on this.

Three scenarios to consider are:
� Student Levies remaining the same - $89.84 General Levy and
$89.75 Building Levy
� Student Levies increase to $116.00 and Building Levy decrease to
� Student Levies increase to $119.48 and Building Levy to $44.95

It was said to argue this constructively, thoroughly and carefully. This will have an impact on our members either way.
Stephen Alexander emphasised OUSA should be ensuring we have a surplus in the long term to look after our assets.
There is also a survey being conducted with our members and this will be collated later in the week.
Both Stephen and James will look at a scenario with an increase to future proof the Association and is OK with Political ramification.

Travis out at 7.06pm
Travis returned at 7.08pm


335/10 THAT the minutes of the Policy Committee meeting held on 10 August
2010 be received.


Art Installation � could people assist Harriet tomorrow please? She will
email you.

Increase in 2011 Recreation and Welfare Levy � David Richardson has indicated there will be an increase to cover a 0800 number being installed for students to call Student Health for free. This was initiated by OUSA in the first place. The cost of this service is $20,000. It was noted that it was a good thing the University was listening to OUSA�s requests.

James Meager requested permission to seek leave from the Chair. This
permission was granted.
James expressed at a previous executive meeting that OUSA should not support any increases in the Recreation and Welfare Levies.

336/10 THAT OUSA supports the $1.09 increased in the Recreation and Welfare Levy in order to cover the free 0800 services and the increase in the
Government�s Goods and Sales Tax (GST).
Roth, Monk, Eastwood, Mackenzie: Abstain

Companies Office document � Andrew Wicken has requested this document be tabled for further discussion.

Post Local Body Election function � Imogen will email you.

Meeting closed at 7.26pm
Signed: _________________________________ Date: _____________