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12th May 2011


Harriet Geoghegan (Chair), Brad Russell, Katie Reid, Shonelle Eastwood, Dan Beck, Francisco Hernandez, Art Kojarunchitt, Thomas Koentges and Sarah Van Ballekom

Sara Elliott (Interim General Manager), Vanessa Reddy (Events Manager), Matt Tucker (Student Support Centre Manager), Kate Kidson (Planet Media Manager), Sean Norling (Radio 1 Manager), Ben Thomson (former Critic Editor), Julia Hollingsworth (Critic Editor) Aimee Gulliver (Critic Reporter) and Donna Jones (Minute Secretary)

Ariana Te Wake
Dan Beck for leaving early.

Moved from the Chair
156/11 THAT the above apologies be accepted.

Moved from the Chair
157/11 THAT the minutes of the Executive Meeting held on 5 May 2011 be accepted as a true and correct record.

158/11 THAT the minutes of the Emergency Executive Meeting held on 6 May 2011 be accepted as a true and correct record.

159/11 THAT motions 153/11, 154/11 and 155/11from the OUSA Emergency Meeting held on 6 May 2011 be ratified.

160/11 THAT Sara Elliott Vanessa Reddy, Matt Tucker, Kate Kidson Sean Norling, Ben Thomson and Julia Hollingsworth be granted speaking rights for the duration of this meeting.
It was expressed that if people are making recommendations they need to make sure they have gone through a rigorous process and with lots of consultation this review is business based where the other OUSA reviews have been service based.

It was tricky for the Review Panel when they weren’t 100% sure if it was going to be under a Voluntary Student Membership (VSM) environment, even though it appears it will be.

If the smaller recommendations were accepted and implemented this would be satisfactory at this stage some said. But the larger recommendations should have a longer and more consultative process. However, it was pointed out that many of OUSA Events are forward planned, so there is a need for immediate decisions on some of these recommendations.

Some of these recommendations have massive monetary costs implementing them, so need careful consideration and investigated fully. The interim General Manager asked for clarity on this.

Who is responsible for carrying out these recommendations within the departments, especially if it involves staff changes?

Some said it was difficult now that Stephen Alexander had left as he was the driving force behind these Review processes. Would it be appropriate for him to be consulted for feedback and advice?

Harriet made it clear she was happy to step down from the Chair if the meeting felt she needed to. You are asked to indicate this at the time.

Shonelle was one of the Review Panel members and she wished it to be noted that revisiting the review is potentially undermining the process, it was a thorough process over three full days.

It was clarified that these recommendations aren’t set in concrete. They can be changed.

Clarification was asked if there was an intention of a structural review process later on. The interim General Manager indicated there would be one.

Fran left at 5.55pm

Overall Structural Recommendations -It was suggested that there could be more team bonding exercises done within the entire OUSA workplace and this would cement good working relationships and communication throughout instead of combining all the Companies. It was answered that in a VSM environment this could ensure a more secure future for the Media Companies.

Sean Norling said he would endeavour to be cost neutral, however achieving this in one year could be difficult. It is a huge undertaking. They are looking at alternative funding which is looking quite promising.

It was said that the present OUSA design team were already collaborating as a team with other departments. It would be good to formalise present systems it was decided.

It has been suggested that Radio One take over all Musical Events. This has been discussed with the Events and Radio One Manager. The Events Manager was thrilled and reassured when she was told by Radio One that her model of safe drinking at the events would be continued. Radio One will shadow Events at the moment as a learning phase. It would be imperative that the General Manager is involved in this process.

161/11 THAT the meeting move into Committee of the Whole for reasons of commercial sensitivity at 6.37pm

162/11 THAT the meeting move out of Committee of the Whole at 6.40pm

Planet Media (Dunedin) Limited - It was recommended that Planet Media (Dunedin) Limited Sales secure advertising for all OUSA publications, including the Flatting Mag’ and the ‘GET A TASTE’ mag. The University is involved with the get a Taste Mag’ so this would need to be followed up.

If Planet Media are exploring more advertising space they would need to know what bollard space for advertising would be available etc. Hard to set targets otherwise.

Shonelle left at 6.53pm
Shonelle returned at 6.56pm

It was noted at this stage that OUSA as a whole is having a complete revamp and update of job descriptions.

Brad left at 7.00pm
Art left at 7.00pm
Brad returned at 7.03pm

Katie left at 7.07pm

The General Manager is to action the recommendation that the commercial value of Radio One is researched.

Katie returned at 7.12pm
Art returned at 7.14pm

Fran out at 7.17pm
Fran returned at 7.19pm

Ben Thomson said in his opinion all Journalists strive to be neutral and to report fairly. There is an informal network within Critic that the former Editor is the Mentor.

The General Manager could come up with a process if this was needed for proper training and induction.

Dan Beck left at 7.30pm

It was noted that more recently reporting in Critic isn’t followed up for a ‘right of reply’ and thus aren’t portrayed as completely accurate.

Dan Stride left at 7.53pm
Dan Stride back at 7.54pm

The Press Council guidelines could be a good guide. Also it was pointed out that Critic is the only student magazine in New Zealand that belongs to the Press Council.

Art left at 8.04pm

A staff member expressed her desire to read a statement.

163/11 THAT the meeting move into Committee of the Whole for reasons of personal privacy at 8.05pm.

Art returned at 8.12pm
Fran left at 8.15pm
Fran returned at 8.17pm

164/11 THAT the meeting move out of Committee of the Whole at 8.18pm
Shonelle left at 8.37pm
Art left at 8.40pm

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
165/11 THAT the Planet Media (Dunedin) Limited Review Report be received and the Recommendations and Commendations below be approved.

Overall OUSA Structural Recommendations

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
166/11 THAT Radio One and Critic are encouraged and supported to become cost neutral as soon as possible.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
167/11 THAT the booking, running and logistics of all music events on campus be moved under the jurisdiction of Radio One by July 31st2011. That OUSA Events continue with the non music events they currently run. This move would need input from the OUSA General Manager to insure a smooth handover.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
168/11 THAT all the OUSA designers including those from Radio One and Critic collaborate as a team, sharing resources and ideas, without necessarily occupying the same physical space. Scheduled fortnightly meetings would help with this process.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
169/11 THAT the relevant job descriptions be reviewed to clarify where responsibilities now lie as well as clear reporting lines to the OUSA General Manager and the OUSA Executive.

Radio One Commendations and Recommendations.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
170/11 THAT Radio One be commended for adding to the cultural value and the soul of the University of Otago environment and the wider Dunedin City area.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
171/11 THAT Radio One be commended for being fiscally aware and active in saving money in its day-to-day expenses.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
172/11 THAT Radio One be commended for providing volunteer roles and training opportunities.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
173/11 THAT the Radio One team be commended for working well together and with other PMDL staff.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
174/11 THAT Radio One be commended for being well-liked by its listening audience and its high listener retention rate.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
175/11 THAT the new Promotions and Publicity position places great emphasis on applications for grants and funding as part of its job description.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
176/11 THAT Radio One seeks more funding from New Zealand On Air. It is recommended Radio One use the resource ‘Fund View’.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
177/11 THAT Radio One seeks funding from Alumni and listeners by conducting a funding drive once a year.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
178/11 THAT the 91 card is reviewed for its effectiveness in gaining members in comparison to making money. That OUSA considers combining a member’s card, and a recreational services card, with the 91 card.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
179/11 THAT Radio One become responsible for all music events run on campus, including Orientation, Re-Orientation, Battle of the Bands, Future DJ and extra gigs. (noting that in certain circumstances events may have to be held at other venues)

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
180/11 THAT Radio One runs more competitions as well as off air competitions, as an extra method of surveying listener response.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
181/11 THAT Radio One become active in initiating the lobbying of Kordia to reduce the fees for transmission. This should be done in conjunction with the Student Radio Network, using its status as a charity and its alternative content as a platform to attract the interest and involvement of the other access radio stations.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
182/11 THAT Radio One staff work at being more visible and approachable within the Dunedin student community.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
183/11 THAT Radio One makes an effort to outreach to Tertiary accommodations. It is encouraged to broadcast a two hour weekly show, and that Colleges are involved in and listen to. Events and competitions are suggested as useful tools to engage Colleges.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
184/11 THAT Radio One has open days especially targeted at first year non- listeners and intending students.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
185/11 THAT Radio One works towards gaining more year 13 listeners, with the hope they will become long term listeners. Broadcasting from within selected schools is suggested.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
186/11 THAT Radio One better promotes its programming, by clearly publicising specific shows using posters, Critic and Facebook, and ensuring clear communication of the shows and programmes.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
187/11 THAT Radio One seeks real feedback about its station and programming. That Radio One should gain an insight on whether its current and future listening audience want more music content, the same music content, or a change to a format that includes magazine style shows and funded documentaries.

This feedback should be canvassed by an outside source, perhaps by the OUSA communications coordinator.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
188/11 THAT the commercial value of Radio One is researched immediately.

Critic Commendations and Recommendations.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
189/11 THAT all OUSA publications be reviewed for feasibility and cost. Printing costs need to be reviewed, and sensible alternatives considered.

PMDL Sales Commendations and Recommendations.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
190/11 THAT the PMDL Sales be commended on bringing in the amount of money they have in this poor economic climate.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
191/11 THAT the PMDL Sales be commended on the effort they have put into communicating with all of OUSA.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
192/11 THAT PMDL Sales secure advertising for ALL OUSA publications, including the ‘flatting magazine’ and the ‘GET A TASTE’ booklet.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
193/11 THAT PMDL Sales explore ad shell in the Link and elsewhere on campus and increase financial gain from posters on bollards. This practice should adhere to documented clear ethical guidelines which would be put together by the PMDL Sales Manager, the General Manger, and Exec member and the OUSA Communications Co-ordinator.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
194/11 THAT PMDL Sales is given extra resourcing in the form of a full time equivalent Accounts Manager.


Van Ballekom/Hernandez
195/11 THAT more strategic direction is given by the General Manager to ALL managers of OUSA especially in light of PMDL Sales coming under the OUSA umbrella.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
196/11 THAT clear briefings and directives be given to all OUSA and PMDL departments on how to work effectively together.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
197/11 THAT there are regular Managers meetings to encourage internal communication. The suggestion of a team building exercise is on the table.

Van Ballekom/Hernandez
198/11 THAT all OUSA websites are reviewed, revised and rebuilt, including the Radio One, Critic and PMDL Sales websites. They should all be on the same server software platform but can continue to have their own designed look. PMDL Sales is in the most need with it being out of date displaying wrong information. The websites will need one administrator. They all need to have stronger links to each other. There needs to be an emphasis on services rather than brands.


Recommendations to be revisited by the panel or by the overall structural/financial review:

To be reviewed in more depth:

Recommendation 1:
That PMDL Limited is immediately dissolved. That Radio One, Critic and Planet Media Sales now come under the immediate ownership and umbrella of OUSA.

Recommendation 2:
That there is one General Manger for all OUSA departments including Critic, Radio One and Planet Media Sales.

To go back to the panel for reconsideration:

Commendation 1:
Critic is a good looking magazine which is well laid out. Although there is a lot of necessary advertising it does not take over the ‘look’ of the magazine. It is fresh and young and appeals to its target audience.

Commendation 2:
Critic has a high level of readership, with one magazine often being read by three different people,(according to submissions received)

Commendation 3:
The team at Critic is very happy working together.

*At least one further commendation by the Panel to be added summing up that Critic is an incredibly valuable part of the student community and democratic processes on campus and should be commended for the many ASPA awards…etc etc

Julia requested that more commendations were written. Owing to the good things that Critic had achieved it would to have them stated. The Convener answered that there were few submissions for Critic at the first Review, this being the reason for few commendations. It would need to go back to the review panel for revision if this was requested. Shonelle and Vanessa will contact the other members.

Recommendation 1:

That a mentor is appointed for the Critic Editor. This mentor would ideally be a past editor currently working in journalism or print industry. The purpose of this mentor would be to guide the editor in balanced reporting, professional journalistic practises, as well as being a sounding board. The Mentor would give feedback after each publication has gone to print.

The panel’s suggestion is Patrick Crewdson who now works for the Dominion Post in Wellington.

The recommendation around a mentor was deemed less appropriate than a recommendation to maintain the support network of previous editors. Patrick Crewdson, whilst only suggested, was felt to be a perhaps inappropriate choice.

Recommendation 2:
These guidelines should be written by a team made up of the Critic Editor, the mentor, the OUSA communications coordinator and the OUSA General Manager. The guidelines should include such things as balanced reporting, and must state editorial independence from OUSA.

*This recommendation was deemed to impinge on the principles of editorial freedom too much as despite retaining it, is approaching a fine line between the perception of OUSA trying to control Critic. In particular OUSA having that level of input/control of the guidelines. The suggested outcome would be to recommend that Critic establish and clearly communicate some policies that state procedures for disputed content decisions, formal rules around right of reply etc. This could mirror OUSA’s process for creating policy whereby students/OUSA/anyone else concerned has the opportunity to submit on drafts before they are approved, but Critic would still retain control of the policy. Critic is currently bound by the Press Council’s code of ethics and this could be used to establish the bases of a formal critic policy that is well publicised.

Recommendation 4:
That Critic continues building its volunteer base and encourages volunteer training with the understanding that there may be greater need in the future for these volunteers to take on even more of a crucial role.

*This recommendation was not fully understood by those who established it, and it was perhaps felt that should VSM come in, less paid staff and more volunteers might not be an appropriate solution. The panel could consult with Critic and perhaps the recommendation could be a more broad recommendation around VSM contingency plans, or could tie in to the recommendation to become cost neutral. More understanding from all parties on the intention and the effect of this recommendation would help.

Vanessa Reddy and Shonelle Eastwood were thanked again; this has been a big undertaking.

A short recess from 8.43pm until 8.47pm took place.

199/11 THAT the Events Review Report 2010 be accepted and the recommendations be approved.

This was noted and received with regret.

Suggested dates for July were for consideration. It was decided that there wasn’t enough time to advertise properly if they were held any sooner.

Art returned at 8.51pm

As attached. These have been emailed to the executive for their perusal already.

200/11 THAT the Otago University Students’ Association Annual Audited Financial Statements for the year ending 31 December 2010 be received and they be presented to the Referendum being held on 23 May – 2 June 2011.

201/11 THAT PricewaterhouseCooper be appointed as Auditors for the Otago University Students’ Association for 2011 and thus go to the Referendum on 23 May 2011 – 2 June 2011.

202/11 THAT Anderson Lloyd be appointed as Honorary Solicitors for the Otago University Students’ Association for 2011and thus go to the Referendum being held on 23 May 2011 – 2 June 2011.

It was pointed out when questions are put to referendum; the Executive does not necessarily have to personally agree with it.

Van Ballekom/Keontges
203/11 THAT the 4 questions below be put to Referenda on 23 May – 2 June 2011.

(1) Should OUSA adopt the following as external policy:
‘That OUSA opposes factory farming and the sale of factory farmed products and therefore requests that all campus food outlets shift from using factory farmed products, including eggs, chicken and pig products, to free-range products?’

(2) Should OUSA rescind the Student General Meeting motions 14/92, 16/06 and 17/06, and void the referendum result of 25-27 July 2005, and adopt the following motion: 'THAT OUSA recognises the existence of the Code of Student Conduct and will work with the University to ensure that students' best interests are taken into account in its application' as external policy?

(3) Should OUSA oppose any changes to the 2011 government budget that reduce access to interest free student loans?

(4) Should OUSA actively campaign against any changes that reduce access to interest fee student loans?

Further tabled until next meeting.

These policies/terms of reference have been to PolCom.

204/11 THAT the OUSA Postgraduate Committee terms of Reference be set.

205/11 THAT the Postgraduate Representatives Policy be set.

206/11 THAT the Executive Job Description Policy be put for notice.
Stride: Against

Tabled until next meeting.

207/11 THAT Harriet Geoghegan be thanked for all the time and hard work she has given the Association.

A very loud applause was heard.

Meeting closed at 9.06pm