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5th July 2011


Shonelle Eastwood (Chair), Brad Russell (Skype), Katie Reid (Skype), Sarah Van Ballekom (speaker phone), Thomas Koentges, Ariana Te Wake, Francisco Hernandez (Speaker phone) and Logan Somers-Edgar (Chair)

Donna Jones (Minute Secretary) and Daniel Stride (former Finance and Services Officer)

Dan Beck

Francisco Hernandez, Brad Russell, Katie Reid, Sarah Van Ballekom
For leaving early

Logan Somers-Edgar for lateness

Moved from the Chair
287/11 THAT the above apologies be accepted.

Moved from the Chair
288/11 THAT the minutes of the Executive Meeting held on 28 June 2011 be accepted as a true and correct record.

It was agreed to table this document until Imogen Roth can attend a meeting as there are some questions for her. The Secretary will let her know.

Te Wake/Kojarunchitt
289/11 THAT Sarah Van Ballekom’s second quarter report be accepted and her honorarium be paid.

Katie arrived via Skype at 5.43pm
Sarah’s call was disconnected at 5.44pm

Ariana explained the Te Roopu Tumuaki position on the Executive is slightly different in regards to reporting and the honorarium payments. She wrote a report for both semesters this time as that is the format Te Roopu use and her previous report was brief.

290/11 THAT Ariana Te Wake’s second quarter report be received and she be paid her honorarium.

Daniel Stride arrived at 5.45pm

Kojarunchitt/Te Wake
291/11 THAT Daniel Stride be granted speaking rights to speak to his executive report.

Dan said he wished to submit this report for historical reasons and didn’t expect payment.

292/11 THAT Daniel Stride’s second quarter executive report be received.

Te Wake/Kojarunchitt
293/11 THAT Katie Reid’s second quarter report be accepted and her honorarium continue to be paid.

Francisco was phoned in at 6.01pm

Te Wake/Koentges
294/11 THAT Francisco Hernandez’s second quarter report be received and noted it was late.

Te Wake/Koentges
295/11 THAT Francisco Hernandez’s second quarter report be accepted and his honorarium be paid.

Francisco’s call was disconnected at 6.03pm

Kojarunchitt/Te Wake
296/11 THAT Brad Russell’s second quarter report be received and noted it was late.

Logan arrived at 6.07pm
Logan left at 6.09pm
Logan returned at 6.12pm

Somehow Brad’s report had pages missing when he sent it through the email. He read the missing pages out after apologizing for the clerical error. He will send the entire report through soon and this will be re-submitted for the records.

Kojarunchitt/Te Wake
297/11 THAT Brad Russell’s second quarter report be accepted and his honorarium continue to be paid.

Somers-Edgar/Te Wake
298/11 THAT Thomas Koentges second quarter report be received and it be noted it was late.

Somers-Edgar/Te Wake
299/11 THAT Thomas Koentges second quarter report be accepted and his honorarium be paid.

Katie’s call was disconnected at 6.20pm

Kojarunchitt/Te Wake
300/11 THAT Shonelle Eastwood relinquish the chair to Logan Somers-Edgar at 6.21pm
Te Wake/Kojarunchitt
301/11 THAT Shonelle Eastwood’s second semester report be accepted and her honorarium continue to be paid.

Logan brought his report to the meeting and offered to read it out. However, it was agreed it should be attached to the next meeting agenda as no one has had time to read it. He apologized for lateness but had been extremely busy learning the new position and organizing the VSM Prison campaign for next week.

Logan has been purchasing equipment to set up the display and prison/cage this afternoon. He is sure he has most of the gear and was glad the shops were generous when he said it was for OUSA.

He pointed out the strategy for the campaign should be flexible as the freedom of association VSM Bill could pass in the meantime. Nonetheless, this is an awareness campaign to our members should the bill pass in the interim.

There are tee shirts being printed with a good non specific design so they can be used later.

Spotlights are being erected on the trees to shine onto the prison/cage.

Matt Tucker is investigating wi-fi etc so other student associations in the country can connect through to Logan.

The prison etc will be erected next Wednesday morning so could the entire executive be there to help please? Also please sign up on Katie’s spreadsheet roster to help Logan throughout his time in prison.

Postgraduate Rep away – Thomas will be away in Christchurch working from 29 August until 24 October. He will be available via skype and emails.

Maori Language Week – Ariana reminded us during this week there is hangi being sold in the Link. Also the menus throughout the University catering are in Maori language this week.

There will be Te Kapa Haka performances throughout the week.

NZUSA July Conference papers – Brad asked if some extra copies could be printed off and brought up with our team.

302/11 THAT the meeting move into Strict Committee for reasons of commercial sensitivity at 6.36pm

Te Wake/Kojarunchitt
303/11 THAT the meeting move out of Strict Committee at 7.13pm

Meeting closed at 7.13pm