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23rd August 2011


Logan Somers-Edgar (Chair), Katie Reid, Shonelle Eastwood, Brad Russell, Sarah Van Ballekom, Art Kojarunchitt, Thomas Koentges, Francisco Hernandez and Dan Beck

Ryan Somers-Edgar (Observer), Harry Winton (Observer), Grant McKenzie (Director - of Financial Services Division), Debbie Coulter (Clubs and Societies Manager) and Donna Jones (Minute Secretary)

Daniel Beck for lateness

390/11 THAT the above apology be accepted.

391/11 THAT Grant McKenzie be granted speaking rights for the duration of this meeting.

Van Ballekom/Kojarunchitt
392/11 THAT the meeting move into Committee of the Whole for reasons of Commercial Sensitivity at 5.20pm

Grant McKenzie finished addressing the meeting after explaining what the University was doing with the new University Plaza and the incorporation of a new Unipol gymnasium. He said it would be state of the art and an excellent complex. The university wanted to know as soon as possible what OUSA were intending to do with their shareholdings. It was expressed again that a decision was very difficult to make when the outcome of the Freedom of Education Voluntary Student Membership (VSM) Bill hadn't been finalised.

After Mr McKenzie left it was decided to remain in Committee to further discuss the partial collapse of the back of the Mojos building.

393/11 THAT Debbie Coulter be granted speaking rights for the duration of this meeting.

Eastwood/Te Wake
394/11 THAT the meeting move out of Committee of the Whole.

395/11 THAT OUSA agree to make the Mojos Building on Leith Street safe, investigate selling options and get our Insurance Company's permission to use the reinstatement money to refit another building for the same purpose as Mojos.
6 For
1 Koentges Against

The Insurance Company has asked Debbie Coulter if the claim settlement could be done by the end of November. It the building wasn't going to be kept for the same purpose then the situation would need to be reassessed.

396/11 THAT the minutes of the Executive Meeting held on 16 August 2011 be accepted as a true and correct record.

Thomas Koentges absence - Thomas reminded the executive he will be away from Dunedin for a couple of months but will be contactable via cell phone and will conference call into executive meetings.

He distributed some German beer as a shout for his departure which was gratefully received.

Conscientious objection charity -

Van Ballekom/Russell
397/11 THAT OUSA donate James Meagers' OUSA fees to the Sophie Elliott Trust as he was granted exemption of OUSA fees through Conscientious Objection.

OUSA Server replacement - the new server has been order. Matt said it would be installed later in the year when things are quieter.

398/11 THAT the meeting move into Committee of the Whole for reasons of Personal Privacy at 6.07pm.

Van Ballekom/Te Wake
399/11 THAT the meeting move out of Committee of the Whole.

It was emphasized that the recipients of awards find out on the night so people are sworn to secrecy until then.

Van Ballekom/Koentges
400/11 THAT the minutes of the Blues Committee meeting held on 12 August 2011 be received.

Van Ballekom/Koentges
401/11 THAT the recommendations from the Blues Committee meeting of 12 August 2011 be approved.

Van Ballekom/Kojarunchitt
402/11 THAT the minutes of the Golds Committee meeting held on 17 August 2011 be received.

Art has written a letter to the Executive and the Golds Panel regarding an error of judgment in his selection process. He recognizes the seriousness of his error and wanted to express this.

Dan arrived at 6.15pm

Van Ballekom/Kojarunchitt
403/11 THAT the recommendations from the Golds Committee meeting held on 17 August 2011 be approved with the one retraction as discussed in the letter submitted.
Shonelle left at 6.16pm
Shonelle returned at 6.17pm

It is important to try and keep to a timeline. Submissions close on 30 August. There is a discrepancy of $200,000 and Shonelle wants it clarified.

Could there be explanatory notes accompanying the proposed budget being submitted to the Executive? Are there going to be two budgets submitted? A non VSM and a VSM budget!

Ariana said that Te Roopu is also finding it difficult to plan for next year when they don't know what, or if they will be receiving levies. Te Roopu is holding their AGM on 7 October where they are hoping to set their budget. Nonetheless, Ariana is aware of the pressure the Executive are under.

Te Roopu has been informed they will be retaining the present space, however services could be contracted. All is dependent on VSM outcome.

Katie left at 6.30pm

Van Ballekom/Eastwood
404/11 THAT the Secretary be directed to call a binding Referendum to be held 9am 3 October 2011 until 4pm 6 October 2011.
Kojarunchitt: Abstain

405/11 THAT Logan Edgar be granted leave of the meeting to speak to the motion 404/11

Logan was concerned that having many Referenda questions at the same time as the elections distracts voting in the Elections.

It was emphasised that it is difficult getting students to vote at the best of times and this could be putting our voting systems at risk.

Van Ballekom/Eastwood
406/11 THAT the binding Referendum being held 9am 3 October 2011 until 4pm 6 October 2011be by electronic means only.

Katie returned at 6.32pm
Van Ballekom/Hernandez
407/11 THAT motion sc29/11 be rescinded.

Te Wake/Van Ballekom
408/11 THAT Logan Somers-Edgar be appointed as a Director to Planet Media (Dunedin) Limited Board until 31 December 2011.

Te Wake/Van Ballekom
409/11 THAT Logan Somers-Edgar and Bradley Russell be appointed as Directors to Critical Publications Limited Board until 31 December 2011.
Russell: Abstain

Generation Zero - This group approached Francisco for endorsement from OUSA as they will be bringing many politicians to campus. Could they use OUSA's logo? It was requested that they affiliate to OUSA, so Francisco said he would notify them of this.

Pacific Island Law Students Association (PILSA) - PILSA are holding a Legal Issues week on 12 - 15 September and would like to use OUSA's PA system. It was suggested they go directly to our Events team.

Higher Education Forum - Katie Reid will be part of this next Tuesday. If you have any questions please email them to Katie.

Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) - this committee have been working tirelessly on tidying up the constitution - they are prioritizing on fixing errors to enable this to be presented to the an executive meeting on 6 September, then the Honorary Solicitor for presentation to the student body.

As well as the hard working Executive on this committee there are two OUSA life members who are kindly giving up their lunch breaks to assist with this. OUSA, especially the Secretary is very grateful to this team for their commitment and expertise.

Postgraduate Project - Thomas explained that Time Banking was a way of doing Community Work and volunteering. Next Friday some postgraduate students are working for Volunteer Otago.

OUSA General Manager Meet and Greet - Darel Hall will be joining the OUSA family on 12 September. There will be a morning tea in the main OUSA at 10.30am. All welcome.
Van Ballekom/Te Wake
410/11 THAT the meeting move into Strict Committee for reasons of Commercial Sensitivity at 6.53pm

Te Wake/ Eastwood
411/11 THAT the meeting move out of strict committee at 8:31 pm

Meeting closed at 8.32pm