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September 29 2009

Meeting Highlights
There was some heated discussion over the lack of information our members had been given about the Unipol issue, a bit more Budget discussion, levies were recommended, reports of the following were passed: Art, Margi, James, Imogen, Cordelia, Neal, Fiona, Claire, Harriet, Dan, whereas Nathalie seems to have understated her actual work and was asked to resubmit, and OUSA was invited to a Dunedin Council of Social Services meeting.


Edwin Darlow (Chair), Mike Bridges, Jos Hadfield, Fiona Bradley, Imogen Roth, Claire Jackson, Margi MacMurdo-Reading, Nathalie Saurat, Neal Barber, James Meager, John Philipson, Cordelia Huxtable, Harriet Geoghegan, Lloyd Burr, Art Kojarunchitt and Daniel Stride.

Aimee Gulliver (Critic Reporter), Amy Joseph (Critic Editor), Matt Tucker (Observer), Stephen Alexander (General Manager) and Donna Jones (Minute Secretary).

Daniel Stride
Art Kojarunchitt and Sarah Parvaiz for lateness
Mike Bridges for leaving early

348/09 THAT the above apologies be accepted.


349/09 THAT the minutes of the executive meeting held on 22 September 2009 be accepted as a true and correct record.

Moved from the Chair
350/09 THAT Stephen Alexander and Matt Tucker be granted speaking rights for the duration of this meeting.


351/09 THAT the meeting move into Committee of the Whole for reasons of Commercial Sensitivity at 5.24pm

Art arrived at 5.53pm

352/09 THAT the meeting move out of Committee of the Whole at 6.22pm

There was concern expressed about decisions being made by the Unipol Board with regards to the redevelopment of Unipol without informing the executive or our members. It was reiterated that the Unipol Board meetings contain confidential information. It was therefore requested that Edwin approach the Board and ask if for more information be made available for distribution and consultation with OUSA's members.

John left at 6.25pm
Harriet left at 6.26pm

353/09 THAT Edwin Darlow be directed to ask the Board of Unipol to make financial information more available to our members.

John returned at 6.27pm
Cordelia left at 6.27pm
Harriet returned at 6.28pm
Cordelia returned at 6.33pm

Once again there was a strong debate about Executive members not observing the standing orders and talking about business held in committee during executive meetings to people outside. This is unacceptable and breaching the rules.
It was suggested that OUSA should decrease the Building Levy and increase the General Levy.

354/09 THAT Amy Joseph be granted speaking rights for the duration of this meeting.

NZUSA � Clarification was asked as to what OUSA gets for being a member. A lot of expenditure goes on executive training at the conferences which also incurs costs for travel and accommodation as they are often in the North Island. Being a member allows OUSA an appropriate forum within NZUSA to lobby the government.
Trust contribution � it was agreed last year that OUSA would set up a trust; however the final details weren�t finished off. Was this going to happen?
It was agreed this would be discussed at another meeting as we have the budget to get through.
PhD students submissions � There were execcies that wanted it noted how extremely unhappy they were with the OUSA Post Graduate�s emotive and leading email sent out to post graduate students for budget submissions.

Nat left at 7.23pm
Nat returned at 7.25pm

Brand Awareness and Marketing � Should there be an explanation attached to the substantial increase? Agreed the $50,000 would remain.

John left at 7.27pm
John returned at 7.28pm

It is important for OUSA to continue to have the new brand noticed out there with new signage etc, important for the strategic objectives to be met.

Dan arrived at 7.35pm

Community grants and donations - further discussion regarding the executive undertaking some community service as part of their duties.
This idea will be passed on to next year�s executive. Hence, the $2,500 figure will remain in this budget line.

James left at 7.40pm
James returned at 7.42pm

Winter Snow Games � There has been a SGM motion submitted as they are concerned this budget line will be decreased because of the cut in the University Games line. It was assured this was not the case and noted that motions relating to financial decision cannot be put at the SGM.
Recreation Facilities� renovations - as per the attached budget notes it is necessary to maintain and renovate the building OUSA owns. This was budgeted over a 10 year period.

Fiona left at 7.45pm
Margi left at 7.45pm
Cordelia left at 7.46pm
Cordelia returned at 7.47pm
Lloyd left at 7.48pm

Further discussion was held on why there was so much being spent on the Clubs and Societies Building! Is it worth it?

Lloyd returned at 7.48pm
Fiona returned at 7.52pm

355/09 THAT the proposed OUSA Budget for 2010 be recommended in its entirety to the student body for approval with amendments.
Barber: Against

356/09 THAT the Executive recommends to the student body that the OUSA General Levy be set at $89.84 inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).
Bradley/Philipson/Barber: Against

357/09 THAT the Executive recommends to the student body that the OUSA Building Levy be set at $89.75 inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Bradley/Philipson/Barber: Against

Mike Bridges was applauded for his excellent work with the budget.
Mike left at 7.56pm
Margi returned at 7.56pm

358/09 THAT the meeting move into committee of the whole for reasons of personal privacy at 7.57pm.

359/09 THAT the meeting move out of committee of the whole at 7.59pm

Art Kojarunchitt informed the meeting he will be absent until further notice but will be available via email and cell phone.


Art left at 8.00pm

360/09 THAT Art Kojarunchitt�s third quarter report be accepted and his honorarium be paid.

Art returned at 8.01pm to loud clapping and then he left.

For noting there were letters of thanks from Lions Clubs Magic Show Charitable Trust, Otago Community Hospice, and Nathan Rose � recipient of the Outstanding Club Administrator Award.


Margi left at 8.09pm

361/09 THAT Margi MacMurdo-Reading�s third quarter report be accepted and she be paid her honorarium.

Margi returned at 8.10pm
Imogen left at 8.11pm

362/09 THAT Imogen Roth�s third quarter report be accepted and she be paid her honorarium.

Imogen returned at 8.12pm
James left at 8.12pm

363/09 THAT James Meager�s third quarter report be accepted and he be paid his honorarium.

James returned at 8.13pm
Cordelia left at 8.14pm

364/09 THAT Cordelia Huxtable�s third quarter report be accepted and she be paid her honorarium.

Cordelia returned at 8.15pm
Claire left at 8.18pm
Claire returned at 8.20pm
Neal left at 8.24pm

365/09 THAT Neal Barber�s third quarter report be accepted and he be paid his honorarium.

Neal returned at 8.28pm
Fiona left at 8.30pm

366/09 THAT Fiona Bradley�s third quarter report be accepted and she be paid her honorarium.

Fiona returned at 8.31pm
Claire left at 8.33pm
Jos left at 8.33pm

367/09 THAT Claire Jackson�s third quarter report be accepted and she be paid her honorarium.

Claire returned at 8.33 pm
Imogen left at 8.35pm
Imogen returned at 8.37pm
Harriet left at 8.39pm

368/09 THAT Harriet Geoghegan�s third quarter report be accepted and she be
paid her honorarium.

Harriet returned at 8.40pm
Margi left at 8.40pm
John left 8.41pm
Dan left at 8.41pm

369/09 THAT Dan Stride�s third quarter report be accepted and he be paid his honorarium.

Dan returned at 8.42pm
John returned at 8.42pm
John left at 8.43pm
John returned at 8.47pm

It was felt that Nathalie had done more work than her report suggested, so she was going to further elaborate about the work she has been undertaking and resubmit her report next week.

- Council of Social Services Dunedin � a meeting is scheduled for 30 October from noon until 1.30pm. Amy Prebble is unable to attend and wanted to see if anyone from the Executive would like to attend. James will email the information out. Sarah, James and John showed interest.
- Voluntary Student Membership (VSM) Postcards � these are being fine tuned and feedback in being asked for. See Imogen.

Meeting closed at 8.52pm
Signed: _________________________________ Date: _____________